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Maycomb Tribune

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Maycomb Tribune Sunny. High 58�F. August 19, 1935 5� Tom Robinson found Guilty! Written By: Mr. Underwood "We the jury find Tom Robinson guilty of When Tom Robinson all charges." These are the words sealed the came up to testify, he gave a fate for Tom Robinson. Tom was accused of completely different raping and assaulting Mayella Ewell on the description to the night in night of November 21, 1934.Mayella is the question. In his defence he daughter of Maycomb County's resident was asked by Mayella bum, Bob Ewell. ...read more.


His main point to prove was that the with it. To his surprise assailant had to have been left-handed. Tom Mayella crept up beside Robinson was clearly right-handed due to a him, hugging and kissing crippling farm accident and as such could him. "Kiss me back, not have been capable of such a vicious nigger." Is what she said, attack. Atticus also went to prove that Tom told Tom to the jury. ...read more.


of Maycomb's inhabitants. We are still commenced to attack and rape her. "He got However, this was not a county torn between lines of color. me round the neck, cussin' an' sayin' dirt- I enough to convince the jury fought'n'hollered but he had me round the that the allegations were neck. He hit me again an' again-" she false. Following the trial, a sobbingly said to the court. Her screams got Miss Stephanie Crawford the attention of her father who frightened Tom had this to say, "It's about time off into the woods, supposedly. somebody taught' em a ...read more.

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