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Media Assignment

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Media Assignment Both the film 'East is East' and the poem, 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' deal with the issue of identity. All of the characters within 'East is East' are being brought up within mixed cultures and this causes problems within their lifestyles. Whilst the poem, 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' is an autobiography, it is written by a woman who was brought to England as a child, from Pakistan and felt confused in later life. Her culture became the significance of her life but she didn't know what culture was her culture and where her native home actually was. 'East is East' Is set in 1971 in the North of England at a place called Salford. We know it was set during the 70's because of the fashion we saw on the film and also there were certain radio reports. The main characters in the film are the parents and their children. The parents are both of different nationalities. George Khan is the father from Pakistan whilst the mother of the family is called Ella Khan and originates from England. ...read more.


The poem 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan' is again based on the confusing between mixed nationalities. The poem is an autobiography and is written by a poet called Moniza Alvi. Moniza Alvi originates from Pakistan but immigrated to England as a child. One of her parents was English and the other Pakistani, so cultures for each parent were totally different. The setting of the poem is mainly in England as the poet can only remember brief amounts of her short life in Pakistan. The girl in the poem is half Pakistani and half English and finds it hard to adjust from her English self to her Pakistani self. She feels out of place when trying on her Salwar Kameeez sent by her aunts. We know this as she says, " Was alien in the sitting room" This gives us the impression that she felt uncomfortable in her foreign identity. She wore Pakistani clothes, which are very much different from her everyday English clothes. The second stanza sums up the girls mixed feelings. We know this when she says, "I couldn't rise up out of its fire". ...read more.


it was explained to me but the use of adjectives in the poem made it easier to imagine various pictures of clothes and the vibrant, glorious colours that were described to us. Moniza Alvi used phrases that were more mature in a serious way to get the problem across to the readers whilst the film used humour to show this. The characters in the film were against their Moslem culture and disapproved of it unlike Moniza as the poem focussed on her confusion as to which nationality she actually was. The poem tells us that the writer was confused and embarrassed rather than unhappy with her Pakistani culture. 'East is East' was much easier to understand than the poem, it was easier to follow and more interesting to follow, especially to teenagers as the humour is quite rude. An example of this is of the swearing used and the way it was used. It shows the viewers that their mixed nationality was a big problem for them, their lives and a problem to some of the people around them; therefore we are given a bigger impression of mixed identity and how it effects people on a bigger scale. Lynne Hunter April 2004 ...read more.

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