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Media Assingment-The Others

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Media Assignment The Others Ever since the mankind existed on Earth, there have been fears of unknown in human mind. The movie maker thus, stirs the hidden fears to get the thrill out of the story. The main conventions of a ghost story are lack of communication to the outside world which is at times substantiated by rumors. The ghost stories are based on old big houses which are mainly situated in desolate areas and within a close proximity to a graveyard or a forest. The iconography usually consists of a full moon night with Bats and black cats making the scene scarier as well as gloomy. The senses such as unexplained movements of objects, heavy breathing of characters, foul smells add to the suspense which is a main element in a ghost story. The suspense is heightened by special sound effects such as the building up of music which eventually frightens the audience with thrill. The audience likes the sudden shocks which result in pumping of adrenaline into their heart. Watching a ghost film in a cinema raises the goose bumps which otherwise are not experienced in a home environment. The high quality sound effects and bigger picture in a dark background makes a perfect setting in a cinema. ...read more.


The characters were shown in an unnatural glow with shadows most of the time. The director has used orangey glow of candlelight to reflect the photosensitivity of the children which resulted in loss of track of time. Victor and curtains: This is one of my favorite scenes where Nicholas is suddenly awakened by his sister; Ann. Nicholas is taken aback on seeing the curtains opened! He then questions Ann about it. She mentions that it is Victor one of "The others" and he has been doing this all through the night. This is a two shot scene of Ann and Nicholas. However, Nicholas does not believe Ann and thinks that she is playing a trick on him, as a scene before Ann teases Nicholas by saying he is too weak to tell their mother that she has been reading at the table. The audience sympathies with Nicholas as he is a small child, undergone this trauma. Thereafter, Ann asks Victor to come out from behind the curtains so that her "stupid brother" can see him. Heavy and quick breathing of Nicholas starts here. He suddenly turns over and the camera zooms to an extreme close up shot of Nicholas to show his fear. ...read more.


It also had some unusual features which we haven't seen before. It hasn't got any blood and fighting in it. The director (Alejandro Amenabar) has got some exceptional ideas like the photosensitivity of the children, which always cut them from the rest of the world. The director has created a lot of suspense by keeping each door locked which gives an opportunity to the background music to raise its chords. Well, I do empathize with Ann as she was quite often criticized by her mother. The film has got a lot of surprises in it, which we come to know at the end. The biggest surprise was that the main characters are the ghosts and the people we think ghosts are actually the real ones. The director's choice was really good and the characters he chose were quite suitable for the role. They did a splendid job and had given their best. This could easily be seen during the entire film. We could see the innocence of those children. The acting of the characters was a big ingredient to the success of the film. Every scene was at its right place. Each and every character had an aura on their faces, although it was a ghost story. The audience of this film is mainly the horror movie lovers, some young adults and kids above 12 years. ...read more.

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