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Media Talk Talk Analysis

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Media coursework- 'Talk Talk' analysis 'Talk Talk' is a telephone company for house phones and also offers broadband. It is well publicised as it sponsors a lot of prime time television programmes and is often on television. Low prices are offered and the adverts are very memorable and catchy and suitable for all audiences, especially people who have a house and use house phones and broadband. The advert is appealing to all ages as the music is suitable for everyone and the pictures and words are made out of people to look like young children's drawings. There are seven scenes all together; all are filmed from a bird's eye view, which is not the usual camera angle for an advert, however, this is a good choice for camera angles as the pictures created don't look like they are made from people until they start to move. ...read more.


It is also appropriate as it makes people think back to these times especially after all the recent tragedies. As well as the music, there is a man speaking about 'Talk Talk', his voice is very smooth and it is encouraging, so it makes you want to buy 'Talk Talk'. In the background you can hear what is going on, for example, road works, crying and laughter. When the song says, "we have got to get it together" it ties into what 'Talk Talk' is about, 'doing it together'. By watching the advert in great detail, the scenes seem to represent the circle of life. The first scene shows falling in love as a red and pink heart is split into two by Cupid's arrow. ...read more.


The next scene is of an old fashioned telephone on a road with an arrow pointing left, this could represent the road to life and 'choosing the right path' as well as staying connected with phones. A man's face speaking into a telephone is next, this is on the background of a field; the narrator speaks over this scene quite a lot. The seventh and final scene is a dull black background with everybody joining hands wearing very vibrant colours. This is very effective and stands out a lot. They join hands to create the words 'Talk Talk'. Overall, the advert is very catchy and memorable. The scenes, music and narration all work together very well and tie into what 'Talk Talk' is about, 'connecting' and 'doing it together'. ...read more.

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