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Melinda, Morrie and the Struggle to Survive.

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Tom Griffith Ethics English Amy Pham Melinda, Morrie and the Struggle to Survive The devastating experiences Morrie and Melinda endure change the way they view the world. In the novel, Tuesday's with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, and Speak, by Laurie Anderson, two characters go through separate, but severe experiences. These life changing events put them through terrible hardships that most people would never have to come face to face with. In their struggle to survive, Melinda and Morrie improve their lives and those of the people around them. While Morrie fights the social norms around falling to a terrible disease, he teaches Mitch about the value of life. ...read more.


Mitch sits and watches Morrie love every second he lives, while an awful disease slowly takes his life away. Morrie's appreciation for living is something that Mitch looks up to and admires. "The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in"(Albom 52). Morrie explains to Mitch that love is his superior method of communicating, and that through love you can touch anyone. With love, people can be embraced with a better understanding. Throughout the book, Mitch learns that love is the only thing he needs to be happy, and not the materialistic things he had once perceived to be 'happiness'. ...read more.


Her 'crying shoulder' becomes art, and she is able to portray what she feels with it. Mr Freeman soon begins to compliment and encourage her. "I drop the sketch on Mr. Freeman's desk. �Now you're getting somewhere, he says. He gives me a thumbs-up (119)." Melinda can not get over the fact that someone is loving her presence. She loves the appreciation she's receiving, and it adds fuel to her fire to move on, and finish her final art project. The life changing experiences Morrie and Melinda have to experience in their struggle to survive are tremendous. These events forever change the ways in which both of them view the world. Melinda and Morrie improve their lives and that of those around them during their long hardships and struggles to survive. ...read more.

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