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Memoir of a survivor - Titanic

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English Coursework: Memoir of a survivor - Titanic Wednesday 10th April, 1912, I shall never forget the moment I stepped onboard the Titanic. She was stunning, the crystal chandeliers and the prominent paintings, the brand new sparkling cutlery and the spotlessly cleaned mirrors are just some of the wonderful additions to this fantastic, over-whelming ship. As I got down to my room in second class (only what my parents could afford) I noticed the finest details. The bed, not a crease in sight. The pillows, as fluffy as white clouds, never been slept on before. Outside I could hear hundreds of people scuttling by, so excited as to be on this amazing ship, just like me in a way. As the next few days passed I had great fun just exploring this remarkable ship, walking on deck, observing the hundreds of different characters on board. ...read more.


That was a question I hated to think about. The ships efforts in trying to avoid the iceberg were unsuccessful; she was hulled on the starboard side. Despite hitting the iceberg, most people's attitudes were very upbeat; they were even playing football with the large pieces of ice that were dispersed! Their thoughts spread onto mine; I was beginning to believe that this ship was, in fact, unsinkable. I went back to my cabin where I led on my bed and fell asleep, I thought nothing of the iceberg incident. Well, that was until the alarms sounded. "Everyone out! Onto deck, fasten life jackets!" Now the tension was rising. The screams of children were deafening. Grown men were fighting their way through the crowds. I ran frantically onto deck. This was now on a slant, Titanic was sinking! ...read more.


Then there was my chance for survival, I was offered a boat. I jumped in as fast as I could. The boat was lowered to the icy water with a splash. I looked out onto the ocean; it was a great, big blue carpet, but exceedingly cold. As the boat travelled further into the shadows, I looked back and saw the 'unsinkable' Titanic upright in the ocean. Then the lights were extinguished with a buzz and the atmosphere became even more terrifying. The echoing screams of the unlucky people were heard and are still heard in my head to this very day. So as the Titanic slowly, bit by bit, slipped out of my sight, never to be seen again, I thought to myself. I am one of the lucky individuals who got a boat, I am one of the lucky individuals who will survive, and I am one of the lucky individuals who will get to see his little sister. ?? ?? ?? ?? Simon Docking 11GN ...read more.

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