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Merchant of venice, discuss the relationship between shylock and antonio in scene 1 and scene 3 of act 1

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Merchant Of Venice Essay In this essay, I will be studying Act 1 Scene 1 and also Act 1 Scene 3 of Merchant Of Venice. From these scenes, I will be looking closely at the presentation of two main characters in the play, Antonio and Shylock. Also, I will be looking in detail at the way the two characters interact with each other and the relationship between them. In Act 1 Scene 1, Antonio is portrayed as a really friendly character. At the start of the scene he is unhappy, we can see this from where he says to a friend "I know not why I am sad" which is just saying that he is feeling quite sad but there isn't a particular reason behind it. ...read more.


We can clearly see that Antonio is a very generous man as he agrees to take out a loan so that he can lend his friend Basannio three thousand ducats where it says "inquire, and so will I, where money is and I no question make." which means that if Basannio fins a money lender then Antonio will make a bond on his behalf with no second thoughts. Scene 3 brings the introduction of Shylock, the widely hated, money lending Jew. Shylock is very careful with his money, we can see this where he repeats about the cost of the bond "three thousand ducats, for three months". He is also very racist with the way he shows his feelings for Antonio being a Christian, I can see this where he says "I hate him for he is a Christian". ...read more.


which means that nothing will change even with Shylock doing Antonio a favour. Shylock "hates him for he is a Christian". Shylock shows unsuspected kindness toward Antonio by instead of charging interest on the bond as he normally would, he respected Antonio's wishes and made a deal with him for "an equal pound of your flesh" if he breaks the bond. Antonio keeps his hatred for Shylock when he says "lend it to me not as thy friend". Shylock then says something quite strange, "I extend this friendship" which would seem like he did want to be friends, but the arguments against that point are too strong to be true. Antonio has noticed one thing nice about Shylock and he mentions that "he turns kind". Antonio and shylock have their personal differences, but when they come into the business side of things, the personal differences are set to one side. ...read more.

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