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Misfortune - English autobiography/story coursework

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Misfortune The city was starting to disintegrate into the sky and everything was disappearing into nothing, the sky was black with no clouds and no stars shone in the sky. Everything and everyone were slowly fading away and not come back so it seemed. "Rosette! Rosette!" Hikari called, but there was no answer from her lifeless body and like everything else was slowly disappearing into nothing. The reason why everything was disappearing was due to the fact that this girl, Hikari had caused this, her lack of control over herself had caused everyone and everything to disappear out of her own hate. Everything was slowly deleting itself from the world in a way that wouldn't come back, all life was going away, and this fate would lie for Hikari soon. "I'm so sorry Rosette" Hikari sobbed, "Please just stay alive!" Countless tears fell from her face as it started to rain, this rain came out of nowhere it seemed, but it always seemed to rain when she cried. Hikari tried to hold onto Rosettes hand, thinking in her mind that no matter what Rosette won't disappear like everyone else, but it was futile, she finally disappeared leaving the shape of a held hand in Hikari's. Hikari fell to the ground, her crying was so heavy that you could see lighting and hear thunder due to the cause of it raining when she cried; the lightning like the rain seemed to come out of nowhere. "So, this is what it truly feels like to be alone..." ...read more.


People even thought that it had something to do with the fact that Hikari healed insanely fast. The social workers even took her to a doctor for that, but they just pushed it away. Rosette came to the conclusion of that one as humans don't always like what they see. But the carers and children at the foster home accepted her either ways and took her as being "special". Rosette was really the only one to notice this, but the fact that every time Hikari cried it always rained and also whenever she got really mad or screamed something seemed to break or objects seemed to move. The others never took notice of this though and thought of these things as "coincidences". There was one thing that bothered Hikari, even though it might sound normal for some people, was that she couldn't remember any of her childhood from the time when she turned 4. Hikari brushed her hair and as it shone against the sun it shimmered like a diamond would. "Come on! Were going to be late Hikari!" Rosette called. "Oh okay, coming." She quickly put on her school clothes and ran outside to meet Rosette. "Aren't you going to eat breakfast?!" The foster mother called. "No I'll eat something at school" And with that Hikari ran to catch up with Rosette. As Hikari was walking a pain in her shoulders started, this wasn't a new pain; it had been going on for awhile but she had normally just ignored it and kept walking even though everyday it kept on getting worse. ...read more.


she had no idea what was happening or what was going to happen. Then more candles lit themselves, they seemed to go in a circle until the last candle was lit. She was in a circular room now and on the floor there was a carpet of pure white feathers on the floor and in front of it there was a wide, tall mirror. Hikari gingerly stepped onto the carpet hoping that she wouldn't break any of the feathers but it was futile, every step she made on it broke a feather and as it did it made a crunching sound which sounded horrible. But she still walked over to the mirror and stood in front of it. The mirror had an intricate design with some type of ancient lettering on it which had some kind of ancient language written all around the edge. This made no sense to Hikari, she then looked into the mirror, and it showed no reflection of her, just the back of the room. "What is this?" Hikari thought to herself. She put her hand on the glass and just as she touched it her hand went right through the glass... "This can't be possible!" she though, and took her hand back out...Then for some reason she put her other hand on the glass and the exact same thing happened again. Then suddenly a force pulled her body through the glass. She landed on the other side with a thud. The ground was hard and dry, there was no grass, and the place was dark. There were no clouds and a tornado was going on far away in the distance. She stood up and looked around and said "Where is everyone..." By Sian Davies ...read more.

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