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Mixed Emotions

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English Coursework Mixed Emotions Six thirty a.m and it was time to get up for school. It took me an hour to travel to school and I hated being late. I looked at my timetable and checked what I had for that day; it wasn't good! Double Maths first thing on a Thursday morning! When I finally got into school after the long and boring train ride with the same people day in and day out, it was eight thirty and by the time I had caught up with the latest gossip the day was starting to get just like any other normal day. After lunch we had two periods of Religious Studies, I was interested in this subject and quite enjoyed it. Joanne, who had just joined the school a term before, came into the room, she was clearly struggling under the weight of her bag and three very full and heavy files. She spoke to me and said, 'Oh Christine, your granny has been taken into hospital and you are to go straight home after school ends.' She said. I thought that this was just another one of Granny's turns. ...read more.


Mum and Dad did not come home until after four in the morning, I did not hear them come in but when Mum woke me at six thirty for school, I asked her if there was any news. She said not to mention any thing to Dad because he was still trying to get over the shock of it all. It was as if everyone would turn into monsters if anyone said anything about Granny or her dying. Perhaps this was because everyone thought that this could be the end for Granny, but could not face it. Our family had never experienced a family death. I went to school and it was as normal a day as you could get under the circumstances. I still had those terrible thoughts in the back of my mind. If she dies, then it would be my fault for having had those thoughts that it would be better for her to die. Saturday was completely different to any other day. Mum woke us early and told Kyle and I that we were going to visit and stay with our friends, the Davison's while she went to the hospital, This was because the family was staying with Granny day and night and Mum and Dad thought that sitting with Granny for long periods would be difficult for Kyle and I. ...read more.


We eventually arrived at the hospital and went in together. I could feel my heart pounding and my stomach was in knots with nerves not knowing what to expect. We meet Dad in the long and narrow corridor and I immediately burst into tears and so did Dad as I hugged him. ` I have no Mummy. I have no Mummy' he sobbed. When we went into see Granny, Dad pulled the curtains open so that we could enter and immediately closed them behind us so that we could have a private time together and not distress other people in the ward. She looked so peaceful that I had to check that she was not breathing to realize what had just happened. Dad said not to make too much noise so not to disturb other people. When the Funeral Service started we had to stand to sing a hymn. I almost chocked, the singing was so good. I felt this was a tribute to Granny. The burial was even worse; all those people who I had never meet before the funeral coming to speak to me. I had to appear to be pleased to meet them when all I wanted to do was to be on my own for a while. I really felt that something inside me had gone and could not ever be replaced. 1 ...read more.

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