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Monologue Of Old Lady

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My Life I forgot my PIN number for my credit card today, I put it confidently in the machine and then out of the blue my mind went completely blank. I laughed nervously at the cashier and said 'Wait a minute, it will come to me', but it didn't, and the frustration was humiliating. I rapidly excused myself and hurried shamefully out of the shop; I couldn't help but feel that all eyes were on me. I put my head down and walked as fast as my old legs would carry me down the parade to catch a taxi. As luck would have it, one pulled up just as I arrived and I jumped in. Oh my goodness, the first thing a cab driver asks when you get in is 'where do you wanna go love?' and could I think of my own address? No! So in my panic, I told him to take me to the first place that I could think of, which was Wateringbury. When I arrived, I thanked him and gave him the fare. After wandering aimlessly around for a while, looking at every building and face that I passed, to see if there was anything that was remotely familiar to me, but to no avail. ...read more.


I didn't say anything, but it actually looked okay. But not for me, I mean for old people who actually need to go there, not someone like me who's got nothing wrong with them! [Rubs forehead] I was really cheered up this evening; I spotted some brochures on the kitchen table, it looks like they might be booking a nice holiday somewhere, I didn't look though just in case it's meant to be a surprise and I don't want to spoil it if it is! [Looks dreamy] Audrey visited today. She bought with her a lovely homemade apple pie. She is such great company. Known her for thirty odd years I have. Our children grew up together. They're still close friends today, just like me and her. Christmas and birthdays wouldn't be the same without her. She's been so lonely since Alfie died last year. Now, I can read Audrey like a book, and I could tell there was something wrong with her today because she seemed a little agitated, so I asked her if everything was okay. Well, she gave me such a look, which told me there certainly was something wrong! I had to prise it out of her. ...read more.


Never liked the doctors, me. Give me the creeps, and you can never read what they write on your prescription. [Tuts and shakes head] When we got there, we didn't hang around. I just wanted to get in and out of there as quick as possible. Luckily, the patient before me had just come out, so the doctor just had to re-organise himself and he called me in. 'So, Mavis, I understand that you have been forgetting things recently.' 'Yes doctor' I replied 'And I was wondering whether you could give me any medication that could make it better.' He said in a quiet voice 'Well, Mavis, I can't be too certain, and there's no easy way to say this, but I think you may have Alzheimer's disease. As I say, I can't be too certain, so I'm going to refer you to the hospital for some further tests.' I simply couldn't believe it. Me? Alzheimer's? Audrey sat there speechless. Back at home now, I still haven't quite come to terms with it. I recalled the doctor's words which he said the phone to the hospital. Alzheimer's... terminally ill. The words whizzed round my head. I thought back to when John said that I may need help when he and Sarah moved out, he must have known all along. Maybe he's right [pauses]; maybe I do need to go into a home. [Sighs] ...read more.

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