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MONOLOGUE- Prison meeting room

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MONOLOGUE- Prison meeting room Young woman is sitting on a plastic chair behind a table. Its one of those 'I hate to say I told you so' situations. I know, you warned me about him. You warned me about him till you were blue in the face. But, you know, in some ways that made it all the more exciting, gave him some mystery. You were the one who introduced him to me, the night we went to The Fleece and Furkin, to watch King Adora. You remember? He bought me a vodka and orange, and he called it a screwdriver. I'd never heard it called a screwdriver before. And he was so charming. You thought it too, you thought he was charming. But I guess you knew him, you knew more than I wanted to know. I was very stubborn then, liked to form my own opinions, you know me. ...read more.


And I just wanted to tell you, all the things we did together. You'd tell me about Paul, and about Derby. I just wanted to spill. God, so much. Did you know I was hiding something? Every now and then I think you did. Pause It was at least 5 months, we were together whenever when you were away. I knew I should have told you. And then he suggested we go away, just the two of us. Leave the stack of essays and warm beers. Amsterdam. Not go far, stay in Europe, and I felt so comfortable with him. I didn't really see anything but him. It was infatuation by the February. Pause (Laughs) And don't you remember...you must remember. We went into the centre of town, we went shopping. I didn't go out that week, not even on Friday, just so I had a bit of money saved up. ...read more.


It just got confusing. Pause And my god, you should have seen the hotel! (laughs) You would have loved it, no really it was something, the floors, well everything really. We got up to the room, bags came up two minutes later. He opened a bottle of wine and we laughed like, well like we didn't have to go home ever, and like it would always be like this. I was so happy, you wouldn't have recognised me, I was that happy. And we made love, and we loved each other, we really...he loved me and I loved him. Pause So, the evening and I met Francoise and Alex. They gave me the packages and that was it. I put them, well Francoise helped me. They were so heavy and there were, well there were forty of them. Back for Monday and I didn't think, well that's the point I didn't think because I loved him so much. I'm so sorry, I would. God I wish. God I really wish I'd listened to you, but he was so charming. You knew it too, he was so charming. ...read more.

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