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Moomba wake up aren't you going to church with kecey this morning

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Act 1 scene 1 Mum: Moomba wake up aren't you going to church with kecey this morning Moomba: Nah am not going I can't be bothered Mum: Well I hope your not going to hang around with those boys today. Moomba: why not Mum: because they are bad company look at them all they do is hang around cause trouble all day, going nowhere with there lives. Moomba: whatever (Moomba is slapped in the back of his) argh what was that for? Mum: you better wake up and have some respect before you get another (Moomba jumps out of bed before his mum gets to him) Act 1 scene 2 Summertime and a bunch boys of was hanging out on a estate (boys making music with there mouth Kacey comes and disturbs the M-C pull Moomba aside) Friend: what going on Kecey (Kacey nods his head in acknowledgement) Kecey: I thought I was supposed to meet you at train station at 10 o'clock yesterday? Moomba: (says hesitantly) year I was there but I was late like, I never saw you Kecey: what time? Moomba: err 10:30 Kecey: I was there after 10:30 there no need to lie about just tell the truth Moomba: you know what, am not really feeling this ...read more.


Ricardo: so what happened? Moomba: We had an argument Ricardo: You idiot, you're always doing that. By the way have seen Kacey's girl, she's buff (All the friends laugh at sarcasm). Moomba: Nah Ricardo: She's like miss universe. Kacey: Look guys I can see the beauty within and that's what matters to me... (Friends laugh louder) Ricardo: whatever man, look, look over there, the universe its self Rebecca: Hi Kacey (happily) Kacey; Hello (bashfully) Rebecca: Kacey, I would really like to invite you to worship with my family tonight and I know you keep saying you will come so please come tonight. (Everyone smirked) Kacey: Yeah you know I got a lot of coursework to do, so I don't think I can make it, to be honest. Rebecca: All right see you later, yeah? Kacey: Rebecca hold up I'm coming (Everyone burst into laughter as they turn the corner) Ricardo: oh Moomba look what I got (he pulls out a gun and show Moomba) Moomba: where you get that Derrion: you know my cousin that shot, Moomba: the one that lives do sommerleyton Derrion: yeah him Moomba: so what are you going to do with it Derrion: you know that shop in Camberwell next to the one we stole from before Moomba: What that Indian store? ...read more.


Moomba: No mum, dad stops the car. Dad: why Moomba: I not a little boy anymore just stop it (his father stops the car) Moomba gets out of the car and yells I'll meet you at home Mum: All right, I'll stop asking so many questions Moomba: No, it's not that I just need some time to think Mum: come on Jack lets go They drive off Narrator: Moomba walks to a park and sits down on the nearest bench. Pondering on what's happened to him in the past (Miming in the background) Moomba: where are they now? Ricardo... He never came to see me or even see if I was alive. They probably laughed when I went down. Scene 8 Ricardo: what happened to Moomba? Andrew: He got nabbed. Oi Ricardo your boy's some idiot. (every body laughs) Ricardo: How could he get nabbed? (Shaking his head) Scene 9 Moomba: why didn't I listen to my mum Narrator: a few weeks later, Moomba was baptised. He realised no matter what he did, there would always be one person who would always love and forgive him. You can figure out who that is. On a serious note, teenagers you need to set you self-straight with God before it's too late. Stop thinking that you have time you don't own because God is in control of our lives. 1 ...read more.

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