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Mosquito Coast - Write a short character sketches on each of the four children paying special attention to how they relate to their father.

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Mosquito Coast Coursework Question: Write a short character sketches on each of the four children paying special attention to how they relate to their father. Charlie, as the oldest child in the family, feels responsible for his father. He loves his father and always looks up to him. He believes everything his father says and believes that his father knows everything. You can notice that Charlie also used his father's words like 'crapo', but as time goes on Charlie, is the first to notice Allie's faults. As time went on, Charlie realized that Allie was not perfect and often lied. One of the examples of this is in chapter 19 where Charlie says, "His lie made me lonelier than any other lie.... His lie scared me.... His lie sickened me.... ...read more.


One example of this is when the family stopped off at the Mr. Struss' church. At this moment Allie torches the church and immediately runs back to the boathouse ready to quickly run away from the area. Being aware of the opportunity to harm Allie, Jerry and Charlie attempt to kill Allie. Hoping to kill Allie, they seized him, tied him down, and hit him with a hammer, but this only knocked him out. There is a complete contrast between how Charlie felt about Allie in the beginning of the book and how he felt about Allie near the end of the book. Jerry's relationship with his father seems to grow as the story goes on. The first time Jerry is mentioned; is when all the children are introduced in the beginning of the book and at that point one does not really know much about Jerry until the family gets to Jeronimo. ...read more.


The twins, April and Clover are always mentioned together as one. The two twins are young children who do not seem to be very significant especially at the beginning of the book. As you go further into the book you can notice that the twins are mentioned more often. That suggests that they probably become more important. One event we can see this in is when, Charlie and Jerry were on the house boat and were discussing evil things about Allie when the twins over heard them and told on them to Allie. By looking at the incident where they are portrayed as the people who are always on Allie's side. One can understand this because they are the youngest in the family and that they still haven't realized that Allie is not the person who Charlie and Jerry think he is. By: Daniel Eshcol ...read more.

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