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Moving On - a short story

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'Disability' something that disables a person, a physical incapacity caused by injury or disease. To me the word was somewhat closer to home. I am going on fourteen and am seated in a wheelchair permanently, I always have been. Cameron is the name, walking is the game. The wish more like. Being stuck in a wheelchair is very infuriating and when I am in that mood, just don't try and get me out. Talking of going out I don't. Well very rarely. I stay in my room most of the time with my books and my tutor. It is where I want to be. It is no-one's fault I am in this way and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I need to face facts; I am glued to the chair. " Good morning Cam!". He stood there like he did every morning at 9am sharp, but Di�z was not a sharp man. Messy struck me as more of the correct word. My tutor was in his mid thirties with short, brown hair. He hadn't shaved. Stubble the colour of cigarette ash clung to his jaw. His big round glasses bounced as he walked. His clothes were shabby and he often wore the same items for days running. Di�z was a good friend; my only friend and he shared my love of books. He often brought me a book from his collection. They were about all sorts but I liked the detective ones best. ...read more.


He has no right to tell me what to do. After all he is not the one in the wheelchair. I thought he was my friend, I guess I was wrong! I just didn't feel like work today! Okay! " I am going home as there is just no hope with you, is there?" "You're right there is no point. Who in their right mind is going to give me a job anyway. There is no point in my education." "Cameron just grow up, when you have re-thought your outlook on life than give me a call, we shall take it from there. I have no more to say to you." With that Di�z snatched up his bags, briefly exiting the room, I could hear him storming down the stairs. I wanted to call after him but something held me back. I had lost him, my only friend; I didn't know what to do! I pondered on what Di�z had said, "Grow up." What had he meant? I wasn't exactly sure but I think it was along the lines of get a life. I did need to get a life and to get over the wheelchair issue. I am in it. Now deal with it! I had to sort my life out. Drowning in a hole of self-pity was not where I wanted my life to take me. ...read more.


" Yes..." I muttered. " My name is Cameron." " Well I'm Pete, welcome to 'Hectic'. Come in, I will introduce you to the gang." "Um... thanks." I didn't know what to say. His smile still beamed towards me and it never faded. I felt at home within five minutes and the other two hours flew past quicker than lightning. No one had mocked me, at least not to my face and, for once in my life felt alive with people of a similar age. Another boy there, Ben, was also disabled. He was an optimistic character, whose charm I loved. " Did you have fun Cam?" Pete said to me at the end. " Will we see you next week because I am sure everyone would like too?" " See me, you'll definitely see me!" For once in my life I felt on top of the world where I could clearly see the future and nothing was going to bring me down. With that feeling I wheeled out of the old church hall, eagerly awaiting next Friday. I had finally come out of my shell; I had met people who wanted to be my friend, because of who I was and not for any other reason. Trust me, this was the best feeling in the world. My life however was still far from perfect, but I knew that this evening would shape the rest of my life. I had only one person to thank for that. I had to call Di�z, he had to know. ...read more.

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