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Mum had briefly informed me that we were going to a place that would

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Mum had briefly informed me that we were going to a place that would "make sure that the right parent looked after us." This was drilled into me for weeks in advance along with the miscellaneous "I love you more than Dad does" and " you enjoy living with me more than Dad, don't you?" What Mum didn't realise is that children can see straight through people like her so her ongoing effort to unbalance my opinion just floated straight past me like a cloud. My brother, on the other hand, had a tendency to make it seem as if he trusted every word Mum said. Whether he really did or whether it was all a very well performed show of his is hard to tell. Nevertheless, his blond, curly hair and big, brown eyes worked like a charm. He seemed so innocent and naive as a child but I always knew that there was an underlying cleverness which was shielded by his apparent carefree nature. We hadn't seen Dad for six months due to reasons that I wasn't aware of at the time. ...read more.


Mum made conversation every so often by saying things like "are you ok?" or "won't be long now." I replied with one-word answers - "yes" and "ok." I felt very fragile but with a bizarre anger burning inside, like a fire. If you poke it, it flares more fiercely so the best thing to do is stay away. When we arrived at the building Mum encouraged me to get out of the car while she got my brother out of his car seat. The building was a dull, concrete, lifeless place which someone could easily have mistaken for an indoor cemetery. Mum walked ahead with my brother in her arms as I cautiously followed. Inside, Mum spoke to the receptionist and just seconds later a lady came to meet us and showed us where to wait. I quickly realised that we were waiting for Dad. A group of thoughts rushed into my mind. "Will I still recognize him?" "Will he remember me?" "Will he be happy to see me?" I was busy trying to answer my questions when I looked up and saw him walking towards us. ...read more.


He was happy to just watch the trains pass by the window as if he had blocked the real world out and had created his own world. Getting no feeling of security from Sam I turned and looked at Mum and horrible lady through the window. This was the first time since I arrived in the room that I'd actually studied horrible lady's face. She had a surprisingly warm, reassuring look on her face and had long, dark hair tied up in a bun. I then turned to Mum and she seemed to be dark and threatening but then quickly smiled when she saw me looking at her. The time seemed to pass by quite quickly and I was no longer the apprehensive ball of nerves that I was when I first entered the room. I had a strange feeling that this was going to be the first out of many times that I saw Dad. My unexplainable senses that were acutely accurate and had been developed over my six years of life told me that "horrible lady" was going to be the person to reunite me with the feeling of complete blissfulness. The feeling that was only felt when I was with Dad. Rachel Diamond English Autobiographical Work - 1 - ...read more.

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