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My Ambition

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My Ambition An ambition is an ambition is an aim that you have in life, something you wish to achieve. Everyone has an ambition, whether it is to get a good job or invent something that could change the world. I have many ambitions but my main one is to travel all over the world! I would like to visit some well-known landmarks such as the statue of liberty or the Great Wall of China and also some landmarks, which aren't as famous. ...read more.


flights, accommodation, travelling equipment, transport and visiting landmarks and it would cost a lot in all so I would need to save a lot before the trip. If I was saving, I would possibly have to save for about 5 years, but it might depend on what job I have. I want to travel the world because I think that it would be a brilliant, exciting experience and because some of my relatives have went to a lot of different places abroad and have come back with great stories and many good things to say about that country. ...read more.


I would feel so ecstatic and overjoyed if I did achieve my goal to travel around the world because I would be so content with myself for sticking to what I've always wanted to do and going for it. If I did travel around the world someday, I would feel really proud of myself for following my dream. I think that travelling the world is something that I could realistically achieve because it is not too big or really costly. I could still grab my ambition because it is within reach and it's not that unrealistic. Words cannot describe my desire for travelling the world someday and hopefully I will make my dream a reality. Aoife Burns ...read more.

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