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My Autobiographical Piece

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My Autobiographical Piece Variety is supposedly the spice of life, but my experience within a French family left me temporarily doubting this well-known phrase. During the spring of my fourteenth year, I undertook an unforgettable sojourn in the south of France.... After weeks filled with worry, the dreaded day finally dawned. As the coach sped away from the safe hands of Hope, panic welled up inside me. Every hour that flew past, my despair increased and I was grasped by Anxiety. After sixteen gruelling hours, our destination was finally reached. The moment of truth was upon me. Looking back, of course, my fears were largely exaggerated but, at the time, meeting the family with whom I was to spend the next three weeks of my life was one of the most unnerving experiences I had ever encountered. ...read more.


They say that you only get out of life what you put in, and this certainly became apparent to me. The following days quickly developed a rhythm and with my increased familiarity with the French language, my confidence slowly returning enabling me to at least relax and enjoy myself as much as I could. Days merged into a succession of visits to art museums, cultural tours of the area, and recreational pursuits, complemented, of course, by the rigours of life in a French school. One major event that I still remember just as vividly as it happened is the first weekend at he house of my correspondent. Waking up that morning, I intended to relax in my room where I was safe from constant embarrassment and probing questions. My plans soon were forced to change. ...read more.


This however was to be short-lived as I was sent down to the games room with my partner's cousin. After a couple of hours, I actually began to relax as I was engulfed with familiar objects. To top the visit off, I tried some cake after much persuasion, which actually was very delicious and was a speciality of the area. As I was driven back, a small smile appeared on my face, and I thought that I shouldn't automatically conclude the worst but be more enthusiastic. Finally, the day came, and it was time to return home. It was with mixed feelings that I packed my suitcase and prepared for the journey back to England. Settling into my own bed that night, I reflected on my adventure and resolved in future that I should not pre-judge situations nor jump to conclusions quickly. From then on I felt that I should be more optimistic and tackle new challenges that stand in my way, with enthusiasm. Alex Bowles ...read more.

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