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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography It was the day after my mum's birthday when she had just given birth to a newly born five-pound baby, should I keep you in suspense or just tell you. Okay then it was who else but me Rahsad Mahmood. I was such a big hit with nurses. I could not get any sleep without my cheek being tugged or the sole of my foot being tickled. I was three years old when I knew where I lived and how old I was and all the members of my family's names; I have three brothers and sisters I am the second eldest brother and my family also include my cousins that my mum and dad had adopted as their mother died and father was in prison. The house we lived in was a very big and spacious semi-detached house and I remember there was a mosque right opposite our house, which my brother and me were regular attendees. On the out sidewall it had white and a light shade of blue painted on the outside of the wall and on the inside a light shade of yellow and green carpet. It also had words out of the Quran written very big on the walls and as soon as you would walk in that inscription would be the first thing you would see. ...read more.


"Rashad go and sit next to Fahid and Adnan on the red table," she said, and so I went to sit down. Guess what? O my God, it was so embarrassing I had just vomited all over the floor. As I lifted my head up, I saw the disgust on the other children's faces as they all turned around to look at me. I just could not control it; it was like water coming out of the tap. As my face began to get red my dad was told to take me home, and boy was I happy. What a first day. The best and worst experiences in my life were when I sat on an aeroplane. I remember when I was younger I used to sit in my garden where I used to sit and watch all the aeroplanes pass by which I found most amusing. I also remember trying to guess what country the aeroplanes were from by looking at the flags on the tail of the plane. However, I actually could not believe it when I was sitting in one. It felt very different to sitting in the garden recognising them. I found the prospect of flying very frightening but then exciting all at the same time. ...read more.


We went upstairs and my sister told us that aunty had committed suicide because her husband had beaten her many times before and never let her or any of their children outside the house because my mum would ask her about the bruises on her and would go to tell the police. On the day of the funeral, there must have been about one hundred and fifty people in our two houses all crying and sobbing half of these people I never saw in my life but still it was good to see people cared. In spite of everything I still see photos and wonder how she felt keeping things away from here own sister, but knowing her "supposed" husband is behind bars keeps my family happy. On a more positive note, my hopes for the future are to become a Mechanical Engineer or a Science teacher. My parents want me to be what every parent want their child to be that is a doctor, I am not brainy enough for that but I wouldn't mind having a profession on those lines. A neighbour who I found very interesting to talk to inspired me to work hard and try to achieve my goals in life and to be good at every thing I do. Rashad Mahmood 13Ysu ...read more.

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