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My Autobiography at 14 years and 10 mths- Some way to go.

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My Autobiography at 14 years and 10 mths- Some way to go Life is like a flower; everyday opening and closing. Growing larger and more colourful everyday. I am like one of the millions of bees that visit flowers, as I have relationships with new people. I buzz in and out of their lives. But my flower/life always seems so important and hectic- that everyone else's worries seem minor in comparison to your bulging flower. I always remember that I am just one of the bees with a flower and everyone else's lives are just as big and busy as yours ; if not more so. I suppose some people's lives are like daisies: shy and timid but others are bright, big and bold. I would like to be a large pink and purple flower. But I know I'm probably not. If I am honest I am somewhere in between but growing everyday. I am fourteen years old and I wonder what I have done with that time sometimes. I can remember the past four years well I've had many great times and experiences. But before that I can hardly remember anything only memories, triggered by photos and videos. The hazy childhood I remember was happy, joyful and carefree. ...read more.


St Josephs was so low in numbers it was decided it had to be closed at the end of the year. I was very so disappointed because for year three I had to go to a new school down the road called 'The Revel' Compared to St Josephs I hated the Revel but it was ok, as all my old friends came to Primary school with me and there were other new children to be friends with. Throughout this time I was still best friends with Rose but I made new friends such as Michelle and Leanne. Rose and I had lot in common we both played the violin and recorder. We also saw each other a lot outside school as our mums were friends. At the end of year three, Rose's Dad lost his job and Rose had to move away to Cornwall. I was devastated but I am still in contact with her and I still see her. In year four my other best friend Nikki moved away and changed schools. I felt isolated my two best friends had both moved away within a matter of months. Even though I had other friends it wasn't the same and I missed Rose. The rest of primary school is a blur. ...read more.


I started Rugby High School in 2000 and I loved it. Now I'm in year 10 and it's totally the opposite. But hey what can you expect? No kids like school and homework and more homework and a bit more homework!!! In the future I don't know what I want to do at all and everyone else does! I don't even have any ideas, actually that is not entirely truthful - I do they are just I bit far fetched! What I do know is that I want to earn lots of money in I job I love and mostly to be happy! I hope that's not too hard! I would love to get married on a beach in the sun somewhere exotic and because I would earn lots of money I would be able to pay for my friends and family to fly out there for the wedding too! At the moment I am studying three languages-German, French and Spanish. So I may do something with languages. As I said before I am not sure. Any way at present I am a bee with a flower who is trying to reach the top of the hill. I can see that it is a long way to the bottom of the hill where I started but there is an even further way to go. By Emma Fisher ...read more.

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