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My childhood house

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My childhood house When I was a child I used to live in a house which was very old and very big. To add a bit of ambience, there is one of the largest graveyards in the nation right across my street. It used to give me creeps especially around Halloween. The house was quite old if I remember rightly; I think it was built in the 1800s. There would be usual sounds of an old house, the creeks and groans and the occasional sounds here and there. The cellar was very eerie as most cellars would be. There was one room in the cellar; it was a storage room that was most disturbing. ...read more.


Not long after, my parents decide to decorate the living room. We had friend and relative's helping us helping us strip off the wallpaper. There must have been at least twenty layers of wallpaper. Sure enough one of the layers of wallpaper had writing on it, in what looked like crayon marks. Calculations such as 1+1=2 were written on the wall. The moment I saw this I was astonished, my brother and I quickly ran to my parents and told them of this sinister discovery. My parents didn't think much of it but only coincidence; after all, my mother is an adamant disbeliever in the supernatural. My brother and I decided to investigate further, because we were kids exploration was fascinating for us. ...read more.


I was in my bed trying to keep myself occupied reading a book; don't know what my brother was doing. While I was reading my book, I heard a strange sound as if someone dumped a pile of paper on the on the floor. I got out of bed straight away and rushed to my brother's bedroom and found sitting on his bed with a look of astonishment. All the posters that were on the walls and ceiling were on the floor, the room was really cold, and I asked him what happened? He replied all the posters had fallen of the same time. At this moment we surly knew this house is haunted. We kept these strange experiences to our selves. We kept on having strange experiences, but this did not bother us after a while because we so used to it. ...read more.

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