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My date with Gareth Gates

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It was the boring summer holidays oh yes they were round again, the time to be bored the "long days" that's what I called them. I was bored with nothing to do. My Mum said "I think you should get all them silly magazines sorted out once and for all, put them in in them in the bin if you have read them, They look a real mess!" she exclaimed. Well I must admit it they did look a bit of a state, but I liked to keep them just in case. You see what it was is that every since popidol started (a talent show on t.v) I have been totally in love with one of the contestants Gareth Gates. Gareth came runner up on popidol, but is much more famous and a lot better looking than the winner William young! (My best friend Ashleigh would kill me for saying that) Ever since the final 50 on popidol I have been totally besotted by him, I have collected every single picture/article out of every single newspaper and magazine. I suppose I was just hoping I would find another picture, In the destroyed magazines of my gorgeous Gareth to add to my collection. Anyway I decided to tidy them up and throw them away in the big dark bin. Oh no! As I was flicking frantically through the piles and piles of magazines. I came across a piece of paper. "Oh yes I can remember this" I cried. About a month ago I entered a competition in one of my magazines, (like always) To win a date with Gareth my dream boy, and for a friend of my own choice to come along too for a date with William young. So as soon as I saw the competition as quickly as my short legs could carry me I dashed downstairs all 14 steps, and dashed for the telephone, to ring up my best friend Ashleigh. ...read more.


This time it was a bright white one. "Is this to match you're white suit?" I whispered to Gareth" he just dazed into my eyes with his gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes just melting me. "yes Lisa he-he, this is all wicked ain't it I still cant get used to it all myself" he answered. I was totally lost for words, I just kept nodding and blushing to the questions he was asking me. Bless him all he kept doing was trying to make conversations but I just well and truly couldn't take it al in. As we pulled up outside the hotel I saw how glam it was. I was just about to leap out of the limo when Gareth opened the door open for me yes! I looked around for Ashleigh and I could see she was just pulling up in the limo behind us with William. I could see how bright red her face was. from miles away. she looked so happy. Then Gareth and will helped is carry our luggage up to the apartment they have been staying in. Me and Ashleigh were trailing behind discussing how good the ride had been and discussing how gorgeous our Popidols were. We got into the apartment and took off our matching shoes that we had bought on one of our many shopping trips. As we headed towards the living room , It was decorated all clean in bright fresh light colours Gareth as a nice taste for decoration a thought he could decorate my room any day! Will and Gareth asked us ever so nicely to sit down and get comfortable. The leather settee was gorgeous all squashy. It was one of them settees u sit on it and sink deep down. Ashleigh kept touching everything will touched she was so obsessed. He handed her the t.v remote and as soon as he turned his back she started to kiss the remote. ...read more.


Infact I promise I will take you ok?" Yes Gareth, yes I love you I replied again. "Well" said Gareth, "what" I said? "That's all only going to happen I you promise your still my biggest fan are you?" "Of course I am", I cried. Then the limo pulled up at the airport. Gareth gave me lots and lots of hugs and kissers (on the lips) And told me to phone him as soon as I got home so he knew we got home safely. The was no word at all to describe how exited I was no word in the entire universe. There was the press outside the limousine, hope they got a picture of me and Gareth kissing I though Kirsty Shivonne Tina Hannah and Rachel will be so jealous. Then me and Ashleigh had a slow tearful walk up the stairs to the plane all I kept saying over and over again was "I just cant believe I have his number I can't believe it." That was when I suddenly felt a cold shower of water all over my body, and my mums voice ringing in my ears Lisa, Lisa who's number have you got answer me answer me. Then she sat down and explained to me how she had been sat watching me jump up and down, get in and out of bed, and constantly kiss my Gareth Gates posters what were you doing she said? It's a long story I said I will explain to you later. So id never even woke up to find the letter I'd just gone to bed and never woke up. It was all a dream but by what I fantastic dream it was. I can't wait to tell Ashleigh. In fact I might even retell this dream for my original writing of my English coursework. Any ways at least I'm still going to see my gorgeous Gareth in October may be I will get backstage passes for them and get to meet him then? Well if I don't I can always dream. ...read more.

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