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My day out to the beach.

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English Essay on The accident My day out to the beach "The accident seemed to happen in slow motion. It seemed to go on forever although in truth it only lasted a few seconds" continue this story in any way you choose. I was on my summer holidays and I was living with my aunty for a week in Swindon. On one of the days I was there they planned to go on a day out with all the family my Aunty, Uncle my cousin and me. My Aunty found a place to go that wasn't very far way it was going to be about 2 hours in the car she told me. I was really looking forward to this day out, I was ready in my shorts and t-shirt and we all go into the car to go. My cousin was wearing more practical clothes but I thought that as it was summer it might get warmer during the day. We all helped pack the car with plenty of food as we were planning a picnic on the beach and lots of games too, so that we could entertain ourselves on the journey. ...read more.


As we got out the car my Aunty was ok for a minute, next minute I knew she was on the floor and fainted. We phoned the ambulance as soon as we could. During the time we waited my Uncle and I went to go and see the old lady who was driving the car behind. We were talking to her and she was upset as she saw my Aunty on the floor. The old lady said to us that she only took her eyes off the road for a second". By then both my uncle and I realised that she had dogs in cages at the back. She obviously got disturbed from the dogs. She turned around and her car went into my uncle's who went into the car in front. My uncle and I went back over to see my aunty and to see how well she was getting on. Some other cars stopped by the side of the road to wait for the police so that they could give their statements and be witnesses. ...read more.


The policeman said "We could leave and it would be better if we went home". On our journey home we looked on the map to try and find somewhere to have our picnic peacefully. Lucky we found somewhere it was really peaceful and it was a great day out even though we ended up somewhere we wouldn't of planned to go. We spent most of the day there, my cousin and me had a great day and we walked around this big area and it had lots of places to play hide and seek. When we got home my aunty was telling us that her neck hurt so we had to talk her up to the hospital, which wasn't very far, and get it sorted out. The doctor said, "that it will clear -up in a few days and that it is a normal reaction in a car accident". He gave her some painkillers to stop the pain. But I was so glad that this day was over, the accident seemed to happen in slow motion and it seems to go on forever and I am always remembering it, although the accident only lasted a few seconds. ...read more.

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