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My Double Entry Responses to "The Road", "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao", "Black Hole" and "Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth".

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BSGE Zakir Hussain 11th 6/25/11 Double Entry Responses for The Road "The cap was gone and the man dropped to his elbows to smell the pipe but the odor of gas was only a rumor, faint and stale" (McCarthy 6). - In our current economy right now the outlook for the future does not look so bright. That is largely due to the millions of barrel of oil the United States consumes everyday. Oil, coal, petroleum, propane, and natural gas are all considered nonrenewable resources because they cannot be replenished in a short period of time. If the United States and the rest of the world continue to use the amount of nonrenewable resources they are currently using, they are on set to have gas thought as only a rumor. "They dressed shivering and then climbed the trail to the upper river" (McCarthy 39). - In all my experiences of going to the beach or any body of water in general, getting inside of the water has always been the worst. I would stick a couple of my toes inside or my whole entire foot but they wouldn't stay there for long cause they come out of the water due to the coldness. No matter how cold or how hot the temperature is outside the water always stays cold for me. ...read more.


My mom wants my brothers and I to work on getting a house as soon as were settled down to have a roof over our own family's heads. Another reason could be that when our cousins come over there would room for them to stay over. "Reading and writing and watching TV with his mother" (Diaz 200). - My mom has a philosophy were it is impossible to multi task while doing work. For example, in humanities when we started working on regent's prep we had an assignment of copying down notes from a packet and putting them on index cards. My teacher told the whole class that she recommends people to listen to music to pass the time writing down the notes. I took my teachers advice and started listening to music while copying down the notes but this didn't suit my mother so I had to copy all the notes without music. "The burn nearly killing her" (Diaz 255). - Five or six years ago before the entire kitchen got remodeled my family used to own an oven that told time. As a kid my vision was bad but over the years my vision has gotten even worse. Back when I was a kid I'd wake up every morning and stick my face at the oven time. ...read more.


So I secretly got the contact lenses but the quality was very bad. When I put the contact lenses and took them off it was very uncomfortable. When I woke up from sleep everything was looking pink to me and this made me stop using those contact lenses and get better brand new ones. "James...you'll be pleased to know that no "burglars" were here yesterday..." (Ware 215) - Burglars are the worst. The first place my family and I moved into was a huge apartment complex in Manhattan. It was a one-bedroom studio. Since we were poor this was the best we could afford. One day when my mom took me to the hospital and my dad took my brothers to Burger King, a burglar took down our door and robbed our home. All the robber took was a watch and a couple of dollars but the impact were tremendous. We didn't trust that place anymore and moved to Astoria were we've been living for 12 years. "Get away from me!" (Ware 315) - I hate when my brothers tries to get close with me. Him seeing me as the youngest makes him want to hug me and kiss me all the time. In my personal view I really don't like it because it makes me mad. It always makes me to tell him to get away from me. ...read more.

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