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My lady and I were asked to join my fellow thanes for Macbeth’s Coronation banquet.

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My lady and I were asked to join my fellow thanes for Macbeth's Coronation banquet. As we entered the cavernous hall, which had been decorated with splendid colours and banners, I noticed few people were talking. The sullen silence made the hall seem even bigger and perhaps even darker, and then, I gasped in astonishment as I noticed the feast (I do not know how I could have missed it) it was so vast it took up twenty full tables. Every imaginable food was there including much game. ...read more.


Upon each finger a gold ring glittered , and of course the golden crown of the king. Lady Macbeth was also dressed in fine silks complimenting her pale cold looks perfectly, and also upon her hand rings glistened and gleamed like sun glinting off a newly forged sword. Around her neck many fine chains of gold and silver, the best that could be found. But soon things became not as they should, when my lord started seeing apparitions and things that were clearly not there. ...read more.


My lord and lady Macbeth were also seen to be quarreling throughout the evening, the air between them was thick with unsaid threats and promises, they were both on edge throughout the evening even though his lordship tried hard to hide it. Unfortunately we were asked to leave early as Macbeth had gone into another trance, seeing things that were not there, he talked about them too he spoke of grievances and of blood and injury but as soon as started they had finished and we were bid leave. Edward Deason ...read more.

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