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My life so far..

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My Birth On the 20th April 1989, at Frimley Park Hospital in a bitterly cold room as the sun was just approaching its peak height at midday a caesarean was being carried out on my mother. The day was as predicted, I was exactly on time. The surgeon prepared his sharp knifes, ready to conduct the procedure as my mum slept, under the influence of anaesthetic. My dad wasn't present; he was in a nearby football field, playing in a cup match. The surgeon pressed the tip of the keen pointed knife into my mother's stomach, slowly penetrating the womb, several moments later my tiny, bloodied body was revealed and lifted from the womb. I took my first breath and let out a shrill scream, as I cried the nurses nearby took me and held me as the placenta was detached using a pair of razor-sharp scissors. They wrapped me gently in a fluffy towel, wiping me down as they carried me towards the scales in the room - they weighed me. A weight 8 pounds 1/3quarter ounce was revealed. As a health was check was carried out on my petite body it was clarified that I was ok. ...read more.


She was my mother. I would watch her walk back and forth to the kitchen and I had no choice but to try and do the same. I tried to prove to my self I could be as elegant and perfect as she was. I was trying to walk! My mother must have realised this and she smiled a synthetic smile while I climbed to my feet and collapsed once again. Back to square one I crawled on all 4's over to the sofa and stood up. There I was balanced on my legs standing still. I took my left leg and lifted it slightly above the ground and placed it on the floor in front. I normally could get this far but the biggest challenge was moving my right leg. I lifted it a few inches above the ground and stood stationary for a moment until I gradually moved it in front and placed it down on the floor below. A*, Pass! I had achieved my goal I repeated the same motions in that short period walking had become a breeze. I walked over to my mum who lifted me up high above the ground into her arms and squeezed me she was proud. ...read more.


Once we arrived we were sent to the hall were we meet up with some other familiar faces we also had the chance to meet our form tutors for the first time. That's when we must have first seen each other. In that room I must have first set eyes on Laura something that in the future would become very relevant. From the hall we were escorted up to our form rooms were we met Mrs Fosker, my brother had warned me about her, from first glance she looked like a kind person but looking back I was clearly mistaken. The rest of that day we spent in that room getting to know our fellow class mates and getting used to the feel of being in a new school. I enjoyed my first day at cove I wouldn't change a single event that happened. Conclusion As you may have noticed my life isn't special. I've been brought into this world by a fantastic mother. I've been looked after by a fantastic farther, suburb sister and a brilliant brother. There is nothing in my life I would change. I am grateful for what i've got, i am happy with what i've got and happiness is all that matters. God Bless You All. By Scott Hooker Autobiography Of Scott Hooker ...read more.

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