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My Mum!

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My Mum! Well! Here I am in our house, alone. Dad has gone out again, he is never home anymore. He just goes out without saying a word, he goes for hours, but what can you do hey? Roger's the same; he just mopes about the house all day, doing nothing as usual. Not helping around the house with cleaning or the washing. Dad's thinking of getting a cleaner, we can't afford one but he thinks we need it. I've told him I will do it after school and weekends, he doesn't listen. He never has. You were good for listening. You were always the one who was good with money. We're lost without you here. Dad can't manage the money. I'm thinking of doing it, but it's not going to be easy. Dad has quit his job; he says he can't cope anymore, so now we have no income in the house. How are we going to last? We might sell the house you know? It brings back too many memories, memories of you, which make it hard to tackle each day. You must try to understand, we are not trying to forget you, and it's just easier this way. You love this house; well you loved it until you left it. Why did you leave? I thought you liked it here with us. We were one big happy family. I never thought in a million years you would go and do something like this, something so stupid. Guess I was wrong. Again! Nothing has changed really since you left. I have decided not to decorate my room, I know you like it how it is, so I think I will keep it the same. ...read more.


You always comforts us, dad just shouts, remember? I guess dad is a bit more understanding now that this has happened. But he will never be you. No one will ever take your place. Never! Oh yeah before I forget this is a song that I've found. It just sums you up perfectly, and it's basically what I think of you. Don't worry it's nice. Here goes, # You taught me everything and anything I'd need to know, I'll always keep warm inside me. You're burning fresh in my life. You told me I could be anything or anyone I wanted to be, I'll keep you by my side. You were there for me, to love and care for me when times were grey. When I was down, you were always there, to comfort me. No one else can be what you have been to me, you'll always be my mother. Mother, you know I love you, you know I love you mother. Mother you're the queen of my heart, your love is tears from the stars. Mother I just want you to know, loving you's like food to my soul. You showed me right from wrong, you were there for me, when no one cared for me, you always understood. There were so many times when I was looking back that I was afraid, and then you would come to me and tell me I could face anything. I'm never gonna cope a day without you. It fills me up just thinking of you. I never thought, I would have to go a day without my mother# Well I hope you like it. I'm so confused. I just don't understand how you can be taken away from us, from me, just like that, it's not fair. ...read more.


But as long as I have my friends to look after me and to help me along the way I should be ok, because I am going to need help, I really am, we all are. It's strange going shopping without you, you always tell me what looks nice, and what doesn't, and you always helped me out with money, I miss that. Anyway I could go on all day but I'm not going to. I'm probably boring you, sorry if I am, but I just had to tell you how I feel and how I always will feel. I am going to miss you heaps mum, and I already am. As soon as I was born I realised how much I loved you. Love is a special bond and it can never be broken, and especially are bond, that will last forever. I have loved you since the moment I clapped eyes on you, and I have loved you ever since that day, and I am going to love you forever and for eternity. You will always be a part of me and of our family no one can take that away from you, and your flame will always burn brightly in my life it will never go out, my heart longs for you. Take care mum. I'll never ever forget you. I'm sure I'll see you soon, one sunny bright day and I can't wait it will be a glorious day and I hope you will be there waiting for me, I'm sure you will. You will always be my mum. Anyone can be a mother but it takes someone special to be a mum. I love you loads. Goodbye for now! I will never forget. Never. By Laura Stubbs 10D4!! ...read more.

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