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My Plans as Mayor of London.

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A manifesto is a written piece to sell you to an audience about a change; to show your intentions or motives. (Whether in a group or an individual) Things i like about London 1. Police: Great service all round Reliable people 1. Hospitals: NHS, the best offer the country has given the citizens Great service Good consistency Things i like about London 1. London Transport: More transport Rate of transport Penalty Fines Hail and Ride sections Bus times Bus space 1. Education: Debts of having an education (universities) Extra help at schools for those who need it EMA 1. ...read more.


Don?t you? You are probably sick and tired of hearing the same thing again and again ?It?s time for change? What change I wish to change is the so called ?promises? our MPs claimed. Well we?ve seen the change. It definitely had a great impact on many of us. First tuition fees, cuts to councils, schools, VAT increase what next our youth services. We can?t just sit around and let these politicians play with our lives, wishing when to cut this and that. That is not justice nor humane. How much are they going to make us citizens suffer for the politicians mess. ...read more.


However it is a shame that we do not know much about all these cultures. You may ask how mixing with other cultures will affect you. It can, as it brings out your true self, builds courage, good citizenship skills, avoids racism and prejudges. These skills will also make your future brighter and brings unity into the community also builds an understanding for one another. Well, you must be thinking that when I come to stand forward as you local youth representative what aims do I hope to achieve. I hope to achieve the following aims: 1. Reduce student fees and eventually abolish it 2. Better jobs outside of the City 3. Stop cuts for schools in Haringey 4. More diverse areas 5. More youth facilities 6. Transport fees Ashlei Dixon 2.10.12 ...read more.

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