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My sisters keeper letters about literature

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Dear Jodi Picoult, I used to think being selfless meant giving out a compliment, giving my old clothes away, or maybe even volunteering to help decorate a dance after school, but after I read your book, My Sister's Keeper, I knew that there was so much more I could do. Your characters were so inspiring. They did anything they could to save Kate's life and although sometimes they went too far, they inspired me to want to become someone like them. Your book has really changed my outlook on life. When I picked it up, I figured that it would be just another book to read over summer vacation, you know, something that would be nice to pass the day away but as soon as I read the first chapter I knew it would be different. ...read more.


One of the volunteer groups I found was the Ronald McDonald house in Camden, New Jersey. The Ronald McDonald house is a place where families with sick children stay if their house isn't in the hospital's vicinity and to stay at a hotel would be too costly. I decided to volunteer there by preparing food and cheering up the people in the house by playing bingo and some other favorite games of the guests. I had a feeling of gratification after I had donated my time to such a worthy organization, but it wasn't enough. After I had caught the "bug" of selflessness, I had to do more. When I heard that my neighbor who is younger than me was struggling to play an instrument that I play, I immediately offered to help. ...read more.


Your book was much more than a piece of literature for enjoyment. My Sister's Keeper teaches a message of selflessness and caring. As I have learned from reading various books all of my life, sometimes you must learn things from books rather than experience. It is those who can apply the lesson taught by the book that go far and do great things in life. I have learned from this book's message and applied it to my morals. It has benefitted me so much. This book taught me one of the most important life lessons and I am glad that I use it because it is making me a thoughtful, caring citizen. So, I just wanted to say thank you for writing your book because it has made me a much better person. ...read more.

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