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My trip to the museum in New York.

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My trip to Museum On May 12 2012, I along with some of my friends planned a bike tour from Long Island City to Central Park then back to the apartment. We went out taking Queens Bridge then central park. On our way back on the east side we had a coffee and someone asked us "Do you know where the Metropolitan Museum of Art is?" We had no clue where it was. I opened my phone search the Museum and told them the directions. Suddenly, I remembered that museum visit was an extra credit that was assigned to us which I never completed. I asked my friends whether they wanted to join us or not. Finally we all agreed to go to the museum. We were right on the west side of the Central Park so we came to the east side on 5th avenue and there was the museum at 82nd street. As we proceed in the museum, it was some minor checking by security guards and we were straight to the ticket counter. ...read more.


These provinces were influenced by Greek-Roman traditions and there were Orthodox, Coptic, and Syrian Christians, Jewish communities. Great pilgrimage centers attracted the faithful from as far away as Yemen in the east and Scandinavia in the west. Major trade routes reached eastward down the Red Sea past Jordan to India in the south, bringing silks and ivories to the imperial territories. Major cities made wealthy by commerce extended along inland trade routes north to Constantinople and along the Mediterranean coastline. Commerce carried images and ideas freely throughout the region. In the same century, the newly established faith of Islam emerged from Mecca and Medina along the Red Sea trade route and reached westward into the empire's southern provinces. Political and religious authority was transferred from the long established Christian Byzantine Empire to the newly established Umayyad and later Abbasid Muslim dynasties. The new powers took advantage of existing traditions of the region in developing their compelling secular and religious visual identities. This exhibition follows the artistic traditions of the southern provinces of the Byzantine Empire from the seventh century to the ninth, as they were transformed from being central to the Byzantine tradition to being a critical part of the Islamic world. ...read more.


and Europe to illustrate the origins and early development of ancient Egyptian art. I was pretty excited when I reached a room where there were exhibits from Nepal also. We all were excited and we said look here there are things from Nepal also. We were so much disappointed that we found at least some exhibits from most parts of the world but not Nepal. Well, we were told not to shout by the security officers. That was absolute absurd (ha-ha). Since that place was little dark and I had no fancy camera, my phone camera didn't take a good picture but I found some on the web. I watched some of the Renaissance and European galleries. The museum is so big that I think even if I spent the whole day here, I still wouldn't be able to see everything. It really is a brilliant museum. The art of exhibits itself can be considered as an art since it was displayed together with the different layouts and lighting highlights the art so beautifully. I will in the future come to see this museum again since there is so much to learn about. ...read more.

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