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Narrative essay. Im not talking about a crash landing of a private jet but about my own car which caught fire and exploded on my highway drive.

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Narrative Essay Steering wheels jammed, failing air condition, oil drops in your wind shear, increasing temperature in your cabin, thick smoke and fire from the engine compartment, I hope you can imagine what this is all about. This is one of my recent ghastly experiences which still continue to bring me the nightmares. I?m not talking about a crash landing of a private jet but about my own car which caught fire and exploded on my highway drive. It was on a fine Tuesday morning that I had decided to go out for a 200 KM drive from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi and little did I know this would be one of those days which I will despise for the rest of my life. ...read more.


He nodded to me and continued to accelerate. In nothing less than one minute we were faced with a situation which we least expected in our wildest dreams. A big bang and a cracking noise from the Engine compartment followed by jammed steering, failed air condition, oil spillage and scary thick smoke and high flames. I saw the car interior display flashing alarming and evacuation messages and I was totally numb and felt like anesthetized. However my alert husband was already planning for emergency eviction procedures, he grabbed his key documents from the glove box of the car and removed all seat belts and sidelined his car to the extreme right of the road preventing the road from being blocked. ...read more.


It was a painful and disturbing sight to see my 2008 model car burn and explode for some unknown technical failure. In a matter of ten minutes, the highway road was cordoned off and secured by police and fire force who extinguished the high flames in an hour to retrieve the charred remains of my elegant titanium color Chrysler Dodge Charger car. The charred remains of my car were then towed away by a recovery van and the site was cleaned and restored for traffic. Silently in my heart, I wished painfully an adieu to my car for saving me and my family from a gruesome disaster. When my car had slowly vanished away from my sight, I wished that it was nothing but an early morning reverie. ...read more.

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