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Night of the scorpion and blessing

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In 'Night of the scorpion' it is about a place where the poet's mother was stung by mother. Nissim Ezekeil describes what happened to his mother on that night and what the reactions of people were. This all creates an image of a place in the reader's mind. Similarly, in 'Blessing' the poet creates an image of a place where there is a lot of importance for water. He mentions the reactions of people as well which makes'Blessin' and 'Night of the scorpion' similar. The theme of the poems are different. In 'Night of the scorpion' the main theme is the religion and their beliefs. On the other hand, in 'Blessing' the main theme is necessity of water. Although the themes are different, they still relate as they both bring in poor stuff such as in 'Blessing' they bring in "pots and mugs" to get as much water as possible. ...read more.


Similarly, in 'Blessing' when the "municipal pipe bursts" everyone "buts in" and he also uses " the blesing sings" which is also linked to religion as it might mean they are blessed by God. He also mentions "congregation" which shows everyone was praying for water and they were blessed by God for having water. The structure of these poems is different. In 'Night..' the poet is a narrative himdelf and narrates what happened to his mother. The first stanza, from lines 5-45 there is a lot going on. Everyone "sat around" with his mother in " the centre". The peasants were performing rites and his father a "rationalist" was trying his best to save the poet's mother. This contrasts with the last stanza as it is so calm because after enduring so much pain, she only says "Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children". ...read more.


So, the poet doesn't believe in the theory of recarnation. In 'Blessing' the poet is sad about "there never is enough water" but, is also happy that sometimes a "sudden rush of fortune" happens and they do get water. Finally, in conclusion both poems are good. 'Night...' tells us about the incident happened to his mother and also about the place where he lived. In 'Blessing' it is about the necessity of water. Both poems are good but, I prefer 'Blessing' because it doesn't make me as sad as 'Night...' and also has a happy ending. "The children screaming in the liquid sun" makes me feel happy that the children are happy because they get water. These poems also make me feel so lucky that I am living in such a country where there is enough water and good facilities as I can go to the doctor if somethin happens. ...read more.

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