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Nightmare. I got up and looked around the house and could not find Charlie anywhere. Fear started to rise inside of me and my anxiety level was in full flight as I ran outside into the back garden

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NIGHTMARE I suddenly realised I had not heard Charlie, things were deathly quiet. I sat still and listened ......nothing. I got up and looked around the house and could not find Charlie anywhere. Fear started to rise inside of me and my anxiety level was in full flight as I ran outside into the back garden ... ... nothing. I ran to the front of the house and searched in the garage and then looked out into the road ......nothing! As I looked down the road I could see the busy traffic about fifty yards from where I was standing. Scanning my eyes, I noticed the tiny play park with it's slide and swings, one of which, had it's chain attachments wound round and round it's seat and the roundabout that Charlie was enjoying only yesterday morning. I could not decide which way to run and search. Would he have gone towards the busy main road, or would he have headed over to the play park? ...read more.


Where have I been for the last moments, am I crazy, I should be thinking of Charlie, oh my beautiful baby boy! My head is starting to spin, the urge to vomit is welling up in my throat. I am feeling so helpless, feeling I should be searching for my baby, but I seem to be transfixed to the spot. I don't know why I am feeling so helpless. I need my husband, why is it taking him so long to get home. No, I needed to think... what was I doing before I realised Charlie was not around, when was the last time he had touched or spoke to me? My mind was screaming so much that it was not allowing me to think. 2 of 4 oooOooo I heard the key turn in the front door. It was only last weekend that I had started to paint the door as it had become scuffed with Charlie's trike. ...read more.


It has been situated in the back of her parents garden. The opening was so narrow, who would have thought that a child of three years would be able to fall down that hole? Only twelve inches wide. The little girl, I remember had been down there for about fifty four hours. Just imagine......oh my god! oooOooo As I woke up it felt I was still in a dream and that I would awake properly in a minute and Charlie would come running over. I sat up and took a look round. I saw Russell sitting there with his head in his hands. He wasn't crying... ...just still, motionless. His hair tussled and pushed back, looking so unkempt. It looks like he has just got out of bed! "Russell" I waited for a response, staring at him with anxious eyes. "What is happening?" I look at the clock and it is five hours since I noticed my baby was not around. "Russell"... ...why doesn't he answer? "Where are they... what are they doing... where's Charlie"? 4 of 4 ?? ?? ?? ?? Salli Robinson ...read more.

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