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Nightmare. Then there it was my fate standing right in front of me. Five classic Mercedes had pulled up down the entrance

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'A Nightmare' Summer was here and the holidays had begun. The sun was out and the children had invaded the streets. The laughter and smiles was the latest music to the city. Although I knew and was blatantly obvious to me that all this would soon come to an end, due to my haunted and tensional past which made me dread everyday I woke up to. What taunted me is that one day my fate and future would be standing at death's door, glaring at me. There I was sitting silently outside the stack of apartments reflecting on my thoughts on what could help me get out of this terrible situation. The situation kept taunting me day and night, every second of every minute and every minute of every hour. I had become terrified and trapped, after all I was to blame for my mother's death and I was to blame for my loneliness. I always had felt a presence leaning over me but I didn't know what it meant, was I being looked over by something or was it just my imagination. I had begun to take in a habit of glancing over my shoulder in trepidation. If I hadn't got involved in to this drugs business and had raided a local treacherous drug dealer I would have been there, among the kids, playing away at basketball and with my mother watching at the side enjoying every minute of my smiles. ...read more.


I knew I had to run and fast. I was desperately trying to stretch and break free and on my fifth attempt I was able to run it felt as if I had received a new vibe of the world, a fast paced world. I fled the scene as fast as I could my immediate thought was to run as fast as a cheetah but who was I kidding I could just about free myself from an invisible lock. I ran through the flight of apartments towards the back door which would then lead to me a deserted land where rubbish was thrown. As I kept glancing over my shoulder I could hear gun shots hitting back off from aluminium cans, what I predicatively thought was that it they were being aimed at me. Now I was in big trouble. I jumped over the tips of rubbish and the mud was now splashing all over me and my clothes were totally ruined. I could feel the water in my feet which had gone through my shoes from the puddles I kept jumping in to as I didn't even know myself were I was going it felt as long road trip but instead I was on my feet. Each gun shot would stun my ear and fly over my head and shoulders. ...read more.


I know had to find cover from the homicidal thugs or either hoodwink them. Which seemed weird to me is that this graveyard gave me some sense of security it felt as an enchanted place where I was secure and no harm could come to me I felt some guidance or something watching over me leading me the way. Suspiciously in these portentous minutes I could see some glowing behind this deserted wooded tree. 'Was I meant to follow my direction there?' I felt myself being pulled behind the tree, behind this tombstone. I had just managed to figure out the name which read Mary James Higgath. 'Oh my god!' I discreetly cried. 'My mum.' My mum had guided me, it was unbelievable as I hid behind her headstone it felt as if I was in her lap and she was slightly tapping me on my head and putting me to sleep just like the olden days when I was her little angel. Then the sudden darkness crowded me 'Was this my end?' 'Was I awake?' I did not know myself until the sudden ray of brightness enlightened my eyes and the singing of the birds had distracted me from my nightmare until I saw pipes with holes at the end of them directed at my face. Now it was truly my end. ...read more.

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