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Non-fictional essay - Parenting twins

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Imagine you are a parent of twins, one boy one girl. How would you bring them up? Noah and Elizabeth would probably be the most likely names I would pick if I had a set of twins. Simply because I think they are meaningful biblical names and would somehow remind my children of who exactly they are. I was brought up in a strict Christian home where by my parents ruled firmly by the bible. No rules broken ever went unnoticed and punishment was administrated accordingly. However, after my early teens, not once did the situation arise whereby my parents were put in the position to either lecture or hit me. This was because by that age, I had learnt the "do's" and the "don'ts" of the household and the consequences of breaking those rules. ...read more.


I feel that during children's teenage years, it is more of a habit rather than an addiction and can be stopped before it becomes serious. At this point, it is the parent's duty to step in and ensure the safety of their child. If at all I caught my teenage son or daughter doing drugs or drinking, I would be forced to take them through the "three stages of punishment". These are to hit them in order to ensure there is no repeat performance, lecture them to ensure they understand why they are in trouble and finally discuss with them why they did it in the first place. Although it might seem slightly harsh, I feel an autocratic approach would be most effective. However, there are some rules that are not quite as serious as others. ...read more.


Finally, I would make sure that both my children understand the golden rule which is "respect". Under no circumstances would I permit them to talk back at me or anyone else who is much older than them. If at all they broke this important golden rule, I would have to hit them and skip all other verbal stages simply because they have to understand its importance. I feel that the only way to build good character in children is by being firm but at the same time attentive. This way they will be able to tell right from wrong and sail successfully through life. They will have the ambition to become someone in life if they are taught from a very early age. I also believe that children are like blank canvas and it is you the parent who paints the picture. ?? ?? ?? ?? P.S NON-FICTIONAL ESSAY PARENTING TWINS ...read more.

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