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Norman MacCaig in his poem "Visiting Hour" describes an emotional journey - He is deeply affected by his experience and thus wrote the poem - Briefly explain his journey and in greater detail, demonstrate the ways in which he shows his emotion.

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Dominic Flynn 5b Visiting Hour - Norman MacCaig Norman MacCaig in his poem "Visiting Hour" describes an emotional journey. He is deeply affected by his experience and thus wrote the poem. Briefly explain his journey and in greater detail, demonstrate the ways in which he shows his emotion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the poem "Visiting Hour" by Norman MacCaig, he describes an emotionally challenging journey. The poem is about the death of a loved one, more than likely to be a relative. The poem is based around, as he title would suggest, visiting hour in a hospital and whathe encounters in that hort space of time. MacCaig describes his journey through the long and tedious hospital corridors on his way to his destination, and the sights and smells he encounters along the way. He shows how he witnesses "what seems a corpse" being trundled into a lift" and how it "vanishes heavenward", he tells us this in verse two. The author tries to prolong the time before he has to visit his relative, as he knows he ill not like what he is due to encounter. He says "I will not feel, I will not feel, until I have to". ...read more.


"As they go bobbing along" the "bobbing along" part of this sentence would suggest that the "nostrils" are a ifferent part of the anatomy, that they move independently, and not with the rest of the human body. All of this helps to concrete in the setting and the effects of the hospital, making the reader feel every bit a part of MacCaig's journey. "Green and yellow corridors" the colours ould be seen to represnt the disgusting image of puss and septicness, or on a lighter note, they could mirror the outdoors. These institutional colours could be seen to represent the green of the grass and the yellow of the sun, both of which the patients do not get to see very often. "I will not feel, I will not feel". This sentence uses repitition to emphasise that the writer does not want to, or is not ready to take on board what lies ahead of him. In addition to this, the word not creates negativity, which all adds to the negative, dark image this poem creates. Furthermore the word "I" gives added intimacy between the writer and reader, making things seem on a personal level. ...read more.


The flower image is effective because flowers are delicate and so is the lady. The metaphor of "a glass fang" is very well used. One reason is because of its shape, it is shaped like a fang, the other is that blood is passing through it. This is good because it presents all of these images in two words. The impression that the patient is fading is also given by the words "distance shrinks" The contrast in "black" and "white" both show an abscence of colour and life. Black is mostly ascociated with death and white is associated with purity, perhaps in death. "Swimming waves" gives the image of drowning and water. "Dizzily" and "growing fainter" both work together to give the impression of fading away. Through reading this poem I have learned a lot about death and dying, it has certainly shown me that life has not to be taken for granted and that coping with death I very difficult for some people. Some parts of the poem helped me to understand the theme of deathand dying, for example verse two was very harsh and the brutal use of language was a wake up call. I consider this poem to be a very good portrayal of Norman MacCaig's emotions at the time he encounetered this loss and I felt deeply sorry for him. ...read more.

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