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Northanger Abbey Characters

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Catherine Moorland Going to London Catherine Moorland was a transfer student from a small country school called Westbury High. She was now going to a boarding school in London because her parents were moving to New York. However, she was very lucky that her parents had a very good friend, Mrs Allen, she was also going to London, and they agreed that Mrs Allen, Mr Allen and Catherine would go together a month beforehand so that she could get used to living in the big city. Catherine was eager for her new adventure in a huge city she had never been to before. She marvelled of all the wonders that could happen in a big dangerous city reminding her to pack all her favourite books. Catherine was an unbelievable dreamer due to all the novels she read, The Mysteries of Udolpho being one of her favourite, thus eager for her turn in one of her extraordinary dreams. When they finally arrived in London in was dark and so therefore they had no time to view the city and there was no way that Mrs Allen would allow either herself or Catherine to not be seen in the height of fashion. ...read more.


She said realising who she was. She then turned to Catherine 'It seems we finally have an acquaintance in London.' Catherine smiled relieved that finally she would have time with somebody to spend. Later that day when they had arrived home, Catherine's brother was waiting for them. Catherine was overjoyed and immediately hugged her brother. 'James, you have come to visit me!' she said. James' face fell a small bit Catherine however, didn't notice. 'Yes, I was in London so I thought to come to see you. Oh yes, and here is my fried John, Thorpe' john smirked as he shook Catherine's hand and kissed it. Catherine blushed and yanked her hand back as soon as possible without seeming too rude. 'Hello, Miss Mooreland I have heard so much about you.' He smirked again and then added 'You must me my sister Isabella is dying to meet you.' So they set off once more to meet Isabella with her brother and John. When they finally met the Thorpe's Isabella immediately embraced Catherine into a huge hug saying, 'I'm sure we are going to be best friends' she smiled a massive smile at Catherine and then she greeted James and briefly smiled at her brother. ...read more.


'I am so sorry, there has been a mistake I never said that I would go with the Thorpe's and now I feel awful that I wasted your time' she rushed in one breath. 'There is no trouble we were just going go for lunch ourselves anyway.' Eleanor smiled. 'But Mr Thorpe said that you were going to go to Windsor.' Said Catherine confused. 'Why would he say that? We never said anything like that' Said Eleanor now confused as well. 'So he lied to me.' Catherine scowled 'No need to worry we go for lunch now.' Eleanor replied and then looked at Henry. 'Are you going to come?' she asked. 'I wouldn't miss it for the world, lunch with my sister how could I resist.' He replied joking. 'I am sorry about my brother's poor sense of humour.' She turned to Henry. 'So are you coming or not?' she said. 'Of course, but only if that is alright with Catherine?' he smiled a teasing smile. 'Uh...y- yes that's fine with me, oh and Cathy, please.' she stuttered blushing. 'Well there is nothing stopping me, let's go.' He put his arms around Eleanor and Catherine and started walking, and Catherine glowed with delight. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Coghlan ...read more.

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