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NSPCC ads. Using the skills, analyse review and comment compare cartoon boy with another advert of your choice from the NSPCC and explain in your opinion which has been the most effective in the prevention of child abuse.

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Using the skills, analyse review and comment compare cartoon boy with another advert of your choice from the NSPCC and explain in your opinion which has been the most effective in the prevention of child abuse. The NSPCC first known as the aid committee was founded in 1884. The founder Waugh decided to start NSPCC after witnessing the levels of deprivation and child cruelty in Greenwich. By 1889 the London society had already 32 branches throughout England, Wales and Scotland. They then changed the name to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Even after the name change it had and still has the same purpose, which is to protect children from cruelty, the four ways they did this was: * Changing the law * Changing public attitudes * Supporting children and their families * Raising the funds With these goals the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act was passed in 1889, this was the result of 5 years of work by Waugh and his supporters. The FULL STOP campaign was launched in 1999. Its target was to raise �250 million to support the amount of work the NSPCC were planning to do. ...read more.


In the commercial he's always seems to be asking questions, as if the boy is always doing something e.g. "What's this?" "Now what are you up to?" "What did I tell about running indoors?" His temper is triggered by anything, he's always expecting to find the boy something wrong, when he finds that he isn't doing anything he gets frustrated because he was wrong and takes it out on the boy. Cartoon boy was made so that children can watch it and not be disturbed by it, but at the same time, understand what it's about. Using the cartoon boy allows us to see the abuse children go through, without seeing a real child go through it. The way the commercial starts is surprising, because you would never think that when the camera turns around, that it would be a cartoon boy instead of a real one. This makes people want to watch out of curiosity to see what it was about. Cartoon boy has a voice but you don't hear him say actual words. When he gets hurt by the man he recovers by himself, this shows you that he can "bounce back". ...read more.


It also is an advert where children can watch it without being disturbed and still know what it's about. It got me interested as soon as I saw that it was a cartoon instead of a real chid. I think that even though the advert is short its message gets through to the audience. When I watch the advert it doesn't make me want to help and give money a month and I do think there are worse thing that could happened to children, like getting sexually abused. If I had to chose between cartoon boys and open your eyes I would pick open your eyes. The reason is because it's more effective than cartoon boy; it makes me want to give money and try helping children. The reason is because open your eyes makes you use your imagination and what you imagine is far worse then what NSPCC could show you. By using famous figures in the advert it shows that even people in higher classes not bearing to look. Also it's effective because it shows different types of abusive and how most people are blind to it. But both adverts are based in a home, which shows everyone that abuse can happen in any home any time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kelsey Gutierrez English ...read more.

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