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Obesity in Australia speech

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I can almost be certain that no - one in this room would disagree with this statement, Although small country compared to places such as North America, and Europe we have a great way of life, we are a democratic nation, live in the 21st century and pose some of the most amazing natural attractions the world has ever seen such as; Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and all of the National Parks and bushes. This epidemic that is gripping our nation and at the moment is having huge affects on the way we live our lives and how we are modeling the future for the younger generations. The problem I am talking about is Obesity. I am sure you?ve all seen programs such as The Biggest Loser, Overhaul, and You Are What You Eat. ...read more.


Due to new and improved technology, the children of the future are not do enough physical activity to balance out what they are eating If you think of when our parents and grandparents were younger a television was very much a luxury item and in some cases not even invented. No one had heard of a phone that had no cord, and well no one had even heard about what a computer was let alone things like Facebook, twitter, instergram and games you could play online. So come to think about it there was little or no television, no computers with games, no Ipads, xbox?s laptops, or ipods So what was there to do during the week? Some of you may say homework and I couldn?t agree more with you but my point being is that kids used to always be outside playing sport or running around inventing games, there wasn?t nearly the amount of people being told they are obese as there are today. ...read more.


It also offers children to gain a wider understanding of how a game works, positions on the field of play, and the value of good sportsmanship and fair play on the field. Sport is such a daily necessity in our lives it is so hard to think what life would be like without it. Many people may say things like ?its too hot? or ?its so boring.? Well hello wake up Australia do something while you still can. I can not think of one reason why we shouldn?t have compulsory sport in schools. If we didn?t can you imagine what would happen? Many kids would not play sport; they have no motivation to do sport. Just think to yourself if you were in this boat?.Chat on MSN, play some sport. This is the same as saying, give my fingers a bit of exercise, or give my whole body a bit of exercise, we need sport in schools to keep everyone healthy no matter if they do sport outside of school or not. http://www.theage.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/australia-pips-us-as-worlds-fattest-nation-20090407-9xne.html ...read more.

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