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Oblivious murder.

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Oblivious murder. Alpha 44.6 was my team. We were the best of the best, as it was known, my men and I were the only US army squadron to be trained from birth to be out and out killing machines. All that I had ever known was that They were the enemy. All I had been taught at middle school, high school and college, was that They were the ones who had killed my father, raped my mother and wanted to kill me. Hate filled my body, every hour of every day, all I wanted to do was to fill Them with bullets. ...read more.


My left leg ached, I looked down and it had a deep wound. I was so tired, so very tired I had to have sleep. Yes sleep. I descended back into nothingness. *** It was three twenty nine am. The sunlight was starting to peep above the hills. I was anxious. My heart started to pump faster, and faster, I had been told to wait until half past the hour to strike. My troops were getting restless. Men who had been trained from birth, to kill a man, woman or child with no remorse were thirsty for the taste of their own blood mingled with others. ...read more.


Devastation surrounded me; everywhere I turned all I saw were grotesquely mutilated bodies, heads were decapitated, arms and legs had shrapnel wounds in them that protruded from the other side. I wasn't shocked, I was relieved, I felt different somehow. All I could see were the eyes. Those deep, forgiving eyes. I felt more pain, but this time a pain unlike any I had felt before. It hurt so much I couldn't feel it. Then, I saw a light. It was so welcoming. I took a step toward it and I felt light upon my feet. I let the light envelop me totally. Life didn't matter now, nothing did. Only the light mattered to me, the warm inviting light... ...read more.

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