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Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice And Men Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck about two unusual friends called Lennie and George and is based during the Great Depression. The story is about two friends who stuck together, while many other people were isolated, through the lack of jobs and money. Because of the Great Depression the American society changed dramatically. Many hard working people felt left out and started to realise none of their dreams were going to come true. Steinbeck is trying to show that the American Dream does not always come true. The American Dream means that if you go to America and work hard enough you will become rich and successful. In this book there are three important characters who are very lonely and isolated and their names are Candy, Crooks and Curley's wife. Candy is isolated and lonely because he used to be a great worker, but one day his hand got chopped of and he got old and became a swamper and was useless. ...read more.


The other thing that is different about Lennie and George is that they move from farm to farm as they have each other for companionship "with us it ain't like that, we got a future, we got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us". During the Great Depression there was more workers than jobs - this was called unemployment. The workers would do anything for money but few got paid well because there was too many workers. There us to be competition where they worked. There was less co-operation between the workers and they did not feel good working there. People would make people feel put down in order to get jobs. The people got really desperate, it was like Lennie and George moving from ranch to ranch. People would get angry easily because the qualified people would argue with the normal unemployed people saying that they should get more money that the others less qualified workers. ...read more.


Candy looked for help from person to person, he was hoping that only Carlson wanted to put the dog down. The last person he asked was Slim and even he said he was to be shot. Carlson was the one who shot the dog as he wanted to put him out of his misery he shot him. This had a bad effect on Candy and he felt that his is in the same situation and the same thing could happen to him. Candy would have done anything for his dog not getting shot, he was his best friend.. Candy felt let down and felt he did not have any friend. He felt lonely, he would like on his bunk bed and face the wall. He felt that his time was nearly finished on the ranch. He felt like his dog, he was only being kept on the ranch because of his injury. He also felt that his job was at risk. ...read more.

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