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of mice and men

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Of Mice and Men Media Essay Loneliness is a main theme in the Novel of Mice and Men. Each character is lonely in some way. George is lonely because he has to spend all his time looking after Lennie, and has no life of his own. He told Lennie "How it was gonna be" that many times that he began to think it himself. After he shot Lennie, the reader is left wondering how George will cope with loneliness. Lennie doesn't seem like a lonely character because he believes George when he says "I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you." but really Lennie is very much alone. He uses the dream of "livin off the fatta the lan" to keep himself happy. But Lennie's innocence also has a big effect in the novel. ...read more.


His loneliness is a mainly because of his insecurity, because it is possible that he is insecure because he is lonely. Curley's wife does not like Curley. "He ain't a nice fella" she says in the novel. Since she doesn't like Curley she goes around flirting with all the ranch workers, but none of them want to talk to her because they're afraid of what Curley might do. The ranch workers see her as bad, but I don't think she was, and I don't think she's to be blamed for her death. Because of all this she is a very lonely character. Crooks "Ya see the stable buck's a nigger." This is said in the play and is a very racist comment to say but it was in the olden days and is normal and that's what most of the ranch workers think about Crooks. ...read more.


Hope also plays a large part in the novel for some characters. For example, George, Lennie, and Candy use the hope of owning some land to keep them positive. Curley's Wife still hoped that she could be in the pictures. The character I see as most hopeless is Crooks. He doesn't let anyone or anything get close to him. He denies the offer of working at the house which I see as giving up hope. So you can see hope plays a major part for some characters. I did not feel most sorry for George or Lennie. I felt most sorry for Candy because he had been great friends with his dog and loved it to death. Then Carlson shot it ,so he got a new dream of owning a house. But at the end George tells him they won't get it. He was the only character in the novel to get his dreams destroyed twice so this is why I think Candy should get most of the sympathy of the reader. ...read more.

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