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Of mice and men.

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Of mice and men In 'Of Mice And Men,' all the characters have different problems, whether they are physical, mental or personal. Although the two characters who I feel have the most problems are Crooks and George. Crooks, the black stable buck is forever being pick on by the other men at the ranch, mostly because of his colour. In the time in which the book was set, black people in America were thought of as lower than white people. At the ranch, Crooks cannot live in the bunk-house with all the other men, but he has to sleep in the harness room, at the back of the barn. In this room he is surrounded by all the unused horse tack, and therefore has hardly any space for his personal belongings. Crooks is given no privacy, and gets quite cross because he is not allowed to enter the bunk-house but the other men can just walk into his room. In the book he says to Lennie, "You've no right to come into my room, nobody got any right in here but me." ...read more.


The other man who I think has a lot of problems is George. He has to take Lennie with him everywhere, although, Lennie often gets into trouble and this gets George into trouble too. Without Lennie around him George could have such a good life, "God almighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could get a job and work, an' no trouble. No mess at all, and when the end of the month come, I could take my fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever I want." This shows that without Lennie with him, causing trouble, he could keep a good job, and spend his time in the way he wants to, without having to think about anyone else. Although I do think that George likes Lennie, as he is always there to talk to and to share dreams with, they are obviously very close, but George does get annoyed with him, especially because Lennie finds it hard to remember things, such as where they are traveling to. ...read more.


Lennie prevented him from ever keeping a job, and this often got him into trouble. At the end of the book, when George shot Lennie, he felt awful, because he was killing his best, and probably only friend. George would always live with the memory of Lennie, and the memory of how he shot him. All throughout the book George was telling Lennie that the other guys on these ranches move from place to place, having nobody. Now George would be like these other guys, but before he and Lennie. I think that George has more problems than Crooks, because in America in those times, all black people were treated lower than whites. Crooks cannot help this problem, because wherever he goes, he would receive the same kind of abuse. Another disadvantage Crooks has, is his crooked back, but again, he cannot help this so he did not create the problem. I feel very sorry for George, as he and Lennie have been through so much together, at some times, he wished that he never had to stay with Lennie, but now everything it over for him and he wants Lennie back. ...read more.

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