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Of Mice and Men: Book review

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Of Mice and Men: Book review Main characters George Milton Lennie Small Crooks Slim The boss Curley Curley's wife Carlson Whit Candy Book details Title: Of mice and men Author: John Steinbeck ISBN: 0-14-118510-4 Published: first published by Covici, Friede Inc. 1937 Last published by Penguin Classics 2000 Others: winner of the Nobel Prize for literature Summary Lennie Small and George Milton, are walking on their way to a nearby ranch. George scolds Lennie for playing with a dead mouse and warns him not to speak when they arrive at their new place of employment. When Lennie complains about not having ketchup for the beans they eat for dinner, George becomes angry, and tells Lennie that he would be better off if he didn't have to travel with him. ...read more.


Curley's wife visits the bunkhouse later that night searching for Curley and asks the other men if they knew where Curley was. Later, Curley returns looking for his wife, and talks to George in an attempt to start a fight. After a day of work, the men return to the bunkhouse. Slim, whose dog had a new litter of puppies, gives Lennie one of them. When George tells Lennie about their dream Candy shows some interest in joining in with them. Curley searches for his wife once more, and fights Lennie when he suspects that Lennie is laughing at him. Curley punches Lennie several times, but Lennie does not fight back until George gives him permission. He crushes Curley's hand, and does not stop until George tells him to do so. ...read more.


Candy alerts the other men, and Curley forms a party to search for Lennie. Curley intends to murder him. Meanwhile, George steals Carlson's gun, and lead the other men to think that Lennie took it before escaping. George, who points Curley and the other men in the wrong direction, finds Lennie in the brush where he told him to go. George begins to tell Lennie about their plans for a house and the rabbit hutch and then he shoots Lennie in the back of the head with Carlson's gun. The other men hear the sound and quickly come and they find Lennie dead. My opinion My opinion on this book is that I quite enjoyed reading the book. The story is based on a short period of time. It is part of the dream of the people had during the time of the great depression. Although it is not a story of my type I still enjoyed reading it. ...read more.

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