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Of Mice and Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men Essay I am going to write about the play Of Mice and Men, which was written by john Steinbeck. The name "Of Mice and Men" comes from famous Scottish poet's poem. As people say that title speaks for it self "the best laids plans O' Mice and Men aft gang agly" this meant that the best plans often go wrong. I will be writing about what and how life was affected in America after the Wall Street Crash and especially two guys how they face the world and have to travel around U.S to find jobs for themselves In order to live. All of the main character in the book ends up more alienated/lonely at the end than in the beginning. Dictionary definition for Alienation is "when people are cut off from other people due to being different." These four characters featured in section four are all alienated (misfits) on the ranch and they are Crooks, Lennie, Candy and Curley's wife. They also the innocent people that stays in the ranch while the men go to enjoy themselves. Crooks is alienated because he is black and the time when the book was written America was going through the great depression due to Wall Street crash. Another reason of the racism and alienation in Crooks case is the Jim Crow laws of segregation, which didn't allowed white and black people to be mixed in same room or bus etc. As for Crooks poverty made it worse as he cannot do anything, not even fight for his right as it can result for him to lose his jobs and those days there were queues for any job available. ...read more.


Some people might think that George feels pity for Lennie so that's why he hangs around with him but there are many proof in the book which shows that George really cares for Lennie and doesn't want to lose him and George doesn't have anyone else in life except Lennie so he must stay with Lennie so that he doesn't feel lonely. "I seen the guys that go around on the ranches alone. That ain't no good. They don't have no fun." This tells us that he supports friendship and would be quite hard for him to live without friends. On the other hand he respects Lennie's feelings but when he gets harsh towards him it's only so that Lennie doesn't get into trouble or trouble anyone else. When George told Slim that he has beaten the hell out of Lennie but Lennie didn't point a finger back this means that Lennie trusts George with blinded eye and whatever George says it must be right for him. George also treats Lennie as if he is his big Brother "OK,' "An' you ain't gonna do bad things like you done in weed, neither." He said it if Lennie is younger than him and the way he said it was so polite and sweet. Lennie also thinks as George is his big brother "Ain't we gonna have no supper?" Another reason of their friendship is aunt Clara because of whom George is keen to stay with Lennie and look after him like a big brother that he would have done for his little brother if he had any. ...read more.


Sadly, after Lennie's death George will have to wait for his fifty bucks every month and spend it all on girls just like the other men in the ranch. Conclusion John Steinbeck told us clearly in this story about how America was in 1930's after the great depression. He told us about how people lived under poor quality of life standards. Then he told us how hard it was to find jobs and the condition of jobs in which people had to work. Through Slim he told us if anything happened in ranch was right or wrong all by whatever Slim said. As some people might be sad about Lennie dieing, he knew that people will be sad to he made Slim say "you had to do it" to George which meant George you did the right thing. Lennie, Candy, Curly's wife and Crooks were all misfits in the ranch but they could have being fit if: Lennie goes to an institution for disables he would not be a misfit because there will be more people like him there so he will not be an outsider. Candy will not have being a misfit if he goes to old people's home. Also Curly's wife could not have being a misfit if there were more women in the ranch. Crooks will not have being a misfit if there were more black people. So technically they can be taken away from the misfits category. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mir Hashemi Of Mice and Men Assingment ...read more.

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