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Of Mice and Men - Loneliness

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Of Mice and Men-Assignment 2. Loneliness Throughout this story we see the theme of loneliness crop up time and time again. Many different people on the ranch are lonely in different ways and for different reasons. Throughout this essay I will be explaining the loneliness of various characters, why they are lonely and what makes them lonely. On a whole, for the workers on the ranches, their jobs and way of life force them into loneliness and prevents them from forming any type of relationships with any other people. Because of the way that they are constantly on the road and moving from ranch to ranch they never really have time to make relationships and often push themselves into being bitter about others who do have a stable job and friends. Over time of being alone and lonely it makes it even harder to make relationships because they turn into nasty people whom others do not want to associate with. ...read more.


We see the full extent of Crookes' loneliness when Lennie enters his room and he gets exited about having someone to talk to. We see a lot of loneliness in Candy. He is getting old and only has one hand. His only companion, his dog, got to the point where he was so old that he had to be shot. I believe that this completely destroys Candy and leaves him without a friend. Although he gets to socialise with the others he never has a constant friendship with one person. After his dog is shot, Candy realises that once he gats old and useless, as his dog was, he will be "canned" like the dog was shot. However, when Lennie and George turn up on the ranch and Candy gets in on the land, after hearing George and Lennie speaking about, he suddenly sees a way out of being thrown out and dieing old and lonely. ...read more.


When she snaps at Crookes in his room I believe that it is out of pure jealousy that even he is allowed to talk to others whilst she is constantly ignored. I see her death as tragic yet in a way it seemed to be the only way out for her. In death she finally doesn't have to be constantly fighting for attention and love. Lennie and George are completely different to the other ranch workers. They have something none of the others do and therefore some of the others question it and see it as weird. Lennie and George have friendship and do not have to suffer from the loneliness that the others have. I believe that in the end of the story George will not end up the same as the workers. At the end of the story gorge ends up walking off with Slim, will they form a relationship? I believe that they will because they got on well all the ay through the story and Slim, I think, longs for the relationship George and Lennie had. Lee Price Fuller ...read more.

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