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Of Mice & Men [ Who do you feel most sympathy for and why?

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Of Mice and Men 1.) Which character in Of Mice and Men do you most sympathise with, and why? Write about: > why you sympathise with this character > how the writer makes you sympathise with this character by the way he writes Answer: Of Mice and Men by Steven Steinbeck is a great tragedy based on American Dream. It explores lives of different people in that time who want to fulfil their dreams but all ends in disaster. This idea-based novel is also one of the reasons why it makes us sympathise towards most of the characters involved in the novel. Steinbeck uses a variety of imagery to help us visualise the situation and makes us sympathise with different characters in the novel. ...read more.


This shows us the signs of increasing danger of Lennie getting in big trouble. Eventually he does what George feared as he kills Curley's wife accidentally as he is unaware of his physical strength. These particular events make us most sympathise towards him, as he does not cause these troubles intentionally, instead he is totally innocent as does not even know what he has done and filled with guilt. Steinbeck makes us sympathise with Lennie, as he is not aware of his own strengths and his utter helplessness in the face of the events that unfold fills a reader with total grievance and mercy towards Lennie. Lennie is totally defenceless and he cannot avoid the dangers presented by Curley, Curley's wife, or the world at large. ...read more.


Blubberin' like a baby?," shows Lennie's typical childish behaviour. Writer tries to convey Lennie's innocence and his necessity of George to make the reader feel sympathy for him. This is evident in the text as writer writes, "Lennie's eyes were frightened. I don't want no trouble. Don't let him sock me, George." Steinbeck chooses a series of events, which gets Lennie in trouble without him choosing to do all those intentionally. Lennie during a fight with Curley is expressed as a passive and helpless character and is also filled with guilt when he hurts Curley while trying to save him. This shows his enormous innocence. The writer presents the scene at the end in a very effective way that it strongly gets reader to feel sorry for Lennie who is killed by his best friend, George, so that he does not get in trouble or do bad things anymore. ...read more.

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