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"Oh no we only have 5 minutes left of lunch" Sam complained.

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"Oh no we only have 5 minutes left of lunch" Sam complained. "We must decide where and when this sleep over will be" Becki said. "I think it should be on Saturday" Lauren replied. "Yes but it needs to be in a big house" Sam interrupted. "Ok I reckon it should be at Sara's house" Shelley requested. "I will have to ask my mum first... or maybe.... not...right sleep over at my house on Saturday" Sara remarked. "We will all be there at 7:30 pm" Lauren interrupted. The bell rang for the next lesson but the group didn't want to move. Mrs Tomlinson the Deputy head was walking down the corridor towards the girls as soon as she stopped, she said to the girls "please go to your next lesson girls. Hurry up, quick moving, go on". "We are going as fast as we can," Shelley remarked. "Don't be so cheeky Michelle Kelly" Mrs Tomlinson said in an angry voice. "Yes miss" Shelley replied. "Now hurry up or it will be detention for all of you" Mrs Tomlinson replied. When the girls arrived at their next lesson they were ten minutes late. Mr smith was not happy that they were all late and so he gave them all a lunchtime detention for the following lunchtime. "But Sir, Mrs T was talking to us so it wasn't our fault" Sam complained. "Just sit down, be quiet and listen" Mr Smith shouted!! ...read more.


"That was cool, who told you that story?" Sam asked. "My friend told it me," Shelley answered. "I have a true, scary story to tell you!" Lauren explained. "A group of young teenager girls were having a sleepover one night and began to exchange ghost stories". "Wait a minute, your making this up because that group is us" Becki explained. "Just listen............After they began to exchange ghost stories one girl told the others about an old man who had been buried alive at St John's cemetery on Ash Road. If you tried, you could hear him scratching at the lid of his coffin". "That was ok but I didn't believe it" Sara answered. "It is true, there is an old man that has been buried alive at St John's church down this road" Lauren explained. "Prove it" Sam demanded! "How?" Lauren asked. "Go down there tonight and put a stake of wood into the ground to prove you have been there" Sara explained. "But.... erm.... erm.... it is a bit dangerous...and scary" Lauren whimpered. "Wimp...chicken" they all shouted. "Ok I will go there tonight" Lauren answered. At 11:00 pm that very same Saturday evening, Lauren departed Sara's house for the cemetery. It was a dark, cold, wet and windy night. The rain was bucketing it down and earlier that evening Lauren had put mascara on. ...read more.


They noticed that the large strake of wood had gone through her clothes when it was driven into the ground. "I wonder why she died!" Becki wondered. "I don't know but will someone call the police" Sam explained. "I will" Shelley answered quickly. "I wonder why the wood has gone through her clothes" Sara questioned "She could've done it without noticing then died of coldness" Becki wondered. "The police are on their way" Shelley interrupted. "She may have thought the old man was holding her back when she was trying to get away and so she died of fright" Becki explained. "That could be it because Lauren always did have a wild imagination" Sara replied. "We should all let the police think about it because we don't know what happened!" Shelley replied. After five minutes the police detective team had arrived. They searched the area for any clues to suggest it was murder. They found nothing! After a week the forensics had done a search on the body and discovered that she hadn't been beaten or shot. They didn't know how she could've died. Becki had told the police what she thought and so on the death certificate they had written that she had died of fright. Lauren's parents were in distraught over their only little girls death. They had a funeral a week later and left her to rest in peace. She had been buried 7 miles away from home so she was far away from St John's cemetery where it happened. Michaela Penney 10PM Mrs Robinson ...read more.

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