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Old buildings and the benefits of preservation.

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The world population is increasing every year ever since the end of World War 2 and the world is getting crowded. This phenomenon brings out a very interesting situation because this simply means that people are craving for more places to live and work. As a solution, some people suggest that old buildings should be down to make ways for new houses and offices. In my opinion, I think that this is not a brilliant idea and we should keep these old buildings. First of all, old buildings are the symbol of culture and history in our nation. ...read more.


They are failing to have a deeper look at the original buildings which contains more information rather than the books. Besides that, old buildings can help to boost the economy of a country. This is because old, historical buildings will attract the attention of tourists who are interested in this from all over the world. For instance, Malacca and Penang are the tourist hotspots because quite a number of important and historical buildings are located there. Every year, a huge number of either local or foreign tourists have paid their visits to these places to have a look at the old buildings. ...read more.


They renovate the buildings built hundreds of years ago as shops, hotels, work places or even apartments to make full use of them rather than pull them to ground which diminish their historical values at once. By the way, the cost needed to knock down an old building and build a whole new building will not be cheaper than we have a renovation on that old building. Therefore, we can always think of an alternative before we come to a conclusion that old buildings should be down. In conclusion, we should keep the old buildings because they mean so much to the society, country and even the whole world. In this condition, we can let the younger generations or even ourselves to gain benefits and enjoy what the history has left for us. ...read more.

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