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On the Of Mice and Men Ranch

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Coursework - Candy Chris John The last few days have been among the most exciting and eventful ones I have ever lived at the ranch, but as well as this they have been the most disappointing and saddening. There have been strange happenings and they were triggered by the arrival of those two workers, George and Lennie. That young lass has been murdered. Curly has had his hand crushed, and not to mention my dog was killed. Now I am just a lonely old swamper doomed to be canned and sent away from the ranch with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. On Friday morning too late to go out to work, George and Lennie turned up. They should have come the evening before. The boss was mad with them not being able to go out to buck the barley in the morning. I was pleased to see them, it's nice to see new faces on the ranch even if you do not see them for very long. I was the first rancher to meet them and I greeted them in a friendly manner and chatted to them for a while explaining about the people who live on the ranch and what I thought about them. ...read more.


I had come to the conclusion that there was nowhere or nobody. The ranchers wouldn't shoot me when I became useless but would just tell me I had to leave the ranch. I was full of grief and worry when I thought about this. So the dream solved all of my worries and fears. We resolved all our thoughts about our dream, and it had really become a viable reality. By the end of the month we would be able to buy the house and live off the fat of the land. On that same evening after we had finished planning our dream Slim, Curly, Whit and Carlson burst in. Curly and Slim were having an argument because Curly suspected something might be going on with Slim and his wife. Slim reacted very angrily to this accusation and Curly shrank back down and apologised to Slim. I don't like Curly and no one else does either he's a handy bastard. He likes picking on big guys because he is so small. Lennie was busy smiling to himself due to the wonderful dream, and Curly thought he was laughing at him. So Curly pounced on Lennie and starting swinging big punches at his face. Lennie ended up crushing his hand. This frightened me, if George and Lennie were canned because Curly's the boss's son, the dream would be over. ...read more.


George will be alone now just like the other ranchers. He will now have to drift from ranch to ranch and then at the end of the month spend all his money at the cat house or on whisky. I suspect he will never be the same man again. I am sorry for him and the lonely life he will have to lead, struggling to exist and not really wanting to any way. He will always be thinking back to what might have been, always thinking of Lennie and their unique dream. The dream has been destroyed by Lennies death. I knew deep inside it was too good to be true and something would have to go wrong in the end. I have no hope now, nothing to look forward to, I may work a couple more months at the ranch before I get canned and sent off like driftwood. These last few days I have been full of sorrow, then excited and happy that my end will not be a horrible one, and now once more full of sorrow. After being canned I will be left with a little money, but that money won't last for very long. Why cant they shoot me now like they did my dog? I have become just a empty shell of a man, alone, afraid and bitter. ...read more.

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