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oral speech on funny themeOnce upon a time there was a young boy named Tom

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Task: write a short speech to illustrate a funny theme G.C.S.E English ( Miss Jones) Rosalyn Khan Once upon a time there was a young boy named Tom. Tom was twelve years old and lived in Fydale, texas . While walking home from school one day, a green rabbit jumped out from behind a sofa and tackled Tom to the ground. But just when he was about to let out a scream for help, Tom realized that the green rabbit was only licking his face, not trying to bite it off. At that moment, Tom decided to keep the green rabbit as a pet. And on the way home he decided to name his pet green rabbit ''Micheal.'' ...read more.


Once in the house, Tom and Micheal played and played, that is until Tom's favorite television show, ''the simpsons ,'' started. At that point Tom forgot all about Micheal having an unsupervised run of the house. That is until half way through ''the simpsons ,'' when Tom was brought back to reality when he heard his father shout, ''tempered!! Tom! Get your back in the bedroom...NOW!!'' With that Tom rushed into the bedroom to see what all the fuss was about. When he entered the bedroom, there stood his father, Tim, pointing toward the chair. ''Will someone please explain that?'' asked his father. Then, as Tom followed his father's finger to where it was pointing, he instantly knew what his father was so upset about. ...read more.


And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who did the dirty deed on the chair!'' scolded Tom. ''Thanks to you I'll never get to have my own pet rabbit!! And with that Tom led Micheal out of the house and down to the local Astores superstore. They had a pet section and Tom knew the owner would find Micheal a good home. So after saying good-bye to Micheal, and thanking the owner of Astores superstore, Tom walked backed home and attempted to drown his sorrows by slamming down a half dozen beers. But Tom's pity party came to an abrupt end when his father reminded him about the mess he had neglected to clean up. And low and behold, midway through the clean-up, Tom suddenly became thankful that someone else was going to have to do it from now on. ...read more.

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